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Lourdes Rebels - Snuff Safari

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 4 / 5 / 2015

Lourdes Rebels - Snuff Safari
Label: Aagoo Records
Format: CD


Minimalistic and subdued but haunting debut album from Italian experimental duo, the Lourdes Rebels

Luigi Bonora and Rodolfo Villani prove themselves to be another Italian outfit which dares to tred unknown paths. At first, the Parma-based duo sounds like two cinematographers whose celluloid has been secretly swapped for tape, but soon enough their minimalistic melodies begin to filter through from the gentle mess of vaguely, or rather remotely, electro-acoustics. The samples come as a fitting welcome aid to the duo's restricted instrumentation of keyboards, sampler, electric guitar, bass and drum machine. Accidently, the duo's name reads Lourdes Lebels when you listen to the CD from your computer's media player. Playing tricks at many levels, the Lourdes Rebels appear quite tame initially, yet are full of intrigue. They reminded me of gifted unknowns such as Mooseheart Faith from 30 years ago. Abundant with tribal melancholy, eerie psychosis and a dark yet astute logic in sound, the album actually is a pleasant tiptoe-trip. Keenly reserved and almost like a secret which never should be shared. Hugely stylish, 'Snuff Safari' breathes originality throughout the course of its six songs and 35 minutes of quirky but well-balanced idiosyncrasy, before reaching nearly immaculate ingenuity. I took the album title to be a sinister yet ironic pun. The album title track, for example, has guitar licks that are reminiscent of 1970/s Afrofunk. Try to imagine the Penguin Café Orchestra performing with local guest musicians and laptop sampler sound-wizards in Dakar and Bamako. ‘Skate Mecca' would have been enjoyed by the late John Peel. The track's elegant wit and fine style suits the album's overall spaceship entrepreneur etiquette. These two strong minds drill up a beguiling kind of snore sonics, perhaps best personified on 'Apure Liquida', but overall 'Snuff Safari' goes from one subdued highlight onto a next. Utmost minimalistic pleasures triggering the mind, 'Snuff Safari' truly works wonders.

Track Listing:-
1 Pharaoh Excuses
2 Skate Mecca
3 Apuro Liquido
4 Snuff Safari
5 Jungle Ghost
6 Bovary
7 Netske

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