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Titi Bakorta - Molende

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 10 / 2023

Titi Bakorta - Molende
Label: Smithsonian Folkways
Format: LP


Backfiring melodies on stunning avant Afro-pop debut from Titi Bakorta

Titi Bakorta's You Tube pages predicted that he had a stunning surprise debut LP in store with 'Nyege Nyege'. They were mere sketches yet they are now assembled and sorted out on a wonderful LP, the puzzle turned picture perfect. There is square dance music first on 'Elles Vais', yet just when it feels comfortable enough, an unsettling Brazilian shuffle next sets the pace on the title track. Titi Bakorta is a gifted instrumentalist with a volatile voice to match. The melodical gymnastics in his ingenious compositions combine well with his fingers which run across the width of his computer keyboard. One moment you'd think John Fahey has gone haywire, next comes a semi-chanson about Titi's village of birth. Behold, 'Molende' never ceases to surprise. Flat narratives in hiphop style seamlessly melt with cheeky chatter during the course of many a song. Prog folk on 'Libala Makambo' evolves into soulful pop on side 2 of the LP, with probably the best of music I've heard this Year: the unfathomable 'Nyonso Epesameli Nga' track. Cherry picking on snares, plucking bass daisies and rubbing his melody lines into your mind, Titi Bakorta is a multi-minstrel. The Molende album defies labelling. Titi Bakorta rocks your boat yet never lets it slip away. 'Molende' is a most affectionate punch in the belly.

Track Listing:-
1 Elles Vais
2 Molende
3 Kop
4 Laisse Moi Dancer
5 Grand Kasai
6 Libala Makambo
7 Ndima Kaka
8 Nyonso Epesameli Nga
9 Motema
10 Titis Haunted House

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