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Maarten Schiethart - Reviews


Magical fourth album from Sølyst. the solo project of Kriedlier drummer Thomas Klein

Diemen Sniep

Life Without Adrenaline
Enjoyable mini-album from US/Belgian foursome Diemen Sniep, who while having strong Sonic Youth and Swans' influences, also show some originality


Walk Swim Fly
Appealing 70's pop disco on new EP from Brussels-based outfit Colver


Pussy Mask
Confrontational single sided 7 inch from Berlin-based experimental artist Peaches

Craig Fortnam

Glorious orchestral avant garde and tongue-in-cheek English pop on debut solo album from North Sea Orchestra frontman Craig Fortnam

Don Zilla

Ekizikiza Mubwengula
Baffling avant garde wizard electronica from Kampala-based musician and producer Don Zilla which is graced with a divine touch

Snapped Ankles

Forest of Your Problems
Environmentally=concerned third album from Snapped Ankles who mourn forest demise with a set of cracking tunes.

La Jungle

Fall off the Apex
Urgent punk disco pop from French speaking Belgium band La Jungle


Made to Measure Vol. 1
Re-issue of abstract and new wave compilation from 1984.on Belgian label Crammed Discs


Kingdom of Oblivion
Dull and cliched harmonic rock on latest album from Norwegian band Motorpsycho

Last Days Of April

Even the Good Days are Bad
Appealing indie pop on tenth album from Stockholm popsters Last Days Of April who reveal increasing maturity

Eric Malmberg

Milda Doden Hamtar Oss Alla Till Slut
Excellent seven inch single which takes two tracks from Swedish composer from a 2007 album

Jimi Tenor

Deep Sound Learning (1993-2000)
Excellent anthology of unshelved material from the 1990s from Jimi Tenor who has helped to shape the course of electro jazz

Mouse On Mars

Computed coordinated chaos on anarchic latest album from German electronic duo Mouse On Mars

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

New Fragility
Pessimistic and misconstrued indie Americana blues from Philadelphian project Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Khalab and M'berra Ensemble

Italian DJ Khalab and Malian refugees the M'berra Ensemble fuse traditional desert sounds and buzzing electronics.

Kasai Allstars

Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Appealing fourth album from Congo collective Kasai Allstars which finds them returning to basics

Raoul Vignal

Years in Marble
Exquisite and rich folk on latest album from French singer-songwriter and guitarist Raoul Vignal

Hedvig Mollestad Trio

Ding Dong, You’re Dead
Baffling and energetic cross genre album from Norwegian act Hedvig Mollestad Trio, which combines loud krautrock, prog, jazz and garage punk rock


Dearly Devoted
Sweetly jangling but flawed fourth album from London-based band Coldharbourstores

Fanfara Awantura

Prawdziwie polskie techno
Ingenious blend of brass and techno music from Polish act Fanfara Awantura

Virginia Wing

private LIFE
Fifth LP which captures the present difficult times from experimental Manchester trio.Virginia Wing

Sharhabil Ahmed

The King of Sudanese Jazz
Festive frenzy funk on compilation album from 1970's era Sudanese musician Sharhabil Ahmed

Urlaub in Polen

Impressive sixth album and first in nine years from Cologne new wave krautrockers Urlaub in Polen


The Jackpot
Energetic new digital only single from Scottish dubstep pioneer Kode9

Pose Dia

Front View
Cinematic but flawed debut album from Pose Dia, the project of Hamburg-based DJ Helena Ratke

Half Japanese

Crazy Hearts
Impressive and enjoyable nineteenth album from America's unlikeliest pop band Half Japanese

Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids

Enthralling seventh double album from Chicago jazz wizard Idris Ackamoor and his band the Pyramids

Harmonious Thelonious

Elegant mental and physical music on seventh album from shy Düsseldorf techno wizard and DJ Harmonious Thelonious


In Frequencies
Outtakes and rare singles recorded over a fifty year period between 1968 and 2018 from America's best bar band, NRBQ

Wild Hares/Tracy Santa

Hare Ball/Bottle of New Orleans
Lo-fi and twisted indie rock on ten inch split LP from Boston-born musician Tracy Santa upon which he appears both with his current band Wild Hares and also as a solo performer

Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge

Der große Preis
Outstanding and elegant debut by odd Berlin-based electro pop duo Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge


Excellent fourth album in forty years from reformed socially aware punk surrealists, the Cravats


Sovereign Sky
Enjoyable and timely reissue of Essex-based electronic duo Junkboy's underrated 2014 album

Philip Bradatsch

Jesus Von Haidhausen
Neo-retro latest album which is sung in German from Hamburg -based wordsmith hobo Philip Bradatsch

Aksak Maboul

Charles F. Bleistift EP
Highly collectable limited edition vinyl EP of irresistible synth pop taken from Belgian husband-and-wife duo Aksak Maboul's first album in thirty years

Gunther Wusthoff

Total Digital
Hit and miss solo compilation in which Faust krautrock pioneer and engineer Gunther Wüsthoff unleashes sounds from 1979 to 2007


Ein Weitleck in der Echokammer
Dub prank fun on latest album from Schlammpeitziger, the project of Cologne-based musician Jo Zimmermann


Wired EP
Superiorly packaged and produced spooky electronics on a spotless EP from Tokyo-based experimental musician Ena


Brilliantly deranged psycho twang on vinyl only release from Los Angeles-based act Oog Bogo


Silloin Kun Sä Lähdit / Muutossa Kadonnut
Melodic but stormy garage pop from Helsinki-based singer-guitarist Kynnet

No Age

Goons Be Gone
Young, loud and snotty punk harmonics on fourth album from genius Los Angeles noise rock duo No Age


Retro new wave industrial music on debut album from East London act Drift, the project of London based artist Nathalie Bruno

Rafael Anton Irisarri

Impressive vinyl and download only album by influential Seattle composer Rafael Anton Irisarri

Stephen Malkmus

Traditional Technqiues
Stunning return to form from former Pavement front man who is aided by critically acclaimed guitarist Matt Sweeney

Zion Train

Political but gentle reggae party sounds recorded across UK and Europe in first album in five years from Zion Train


Selbstportrat Wahre Liebe
Impressive ninth album from German electronic composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius in his 'Selbstportrait' which he has recorded using his original vintage instruments and equipment

Jim White and Marisa Anderson

The Quickening
Captivating guitar and drums improvisation from drummer Jim White and Portland-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and guitarist Marisa Anderson


Excellent new art dub and remixes on double vinyl by Berlin electronic supergroup Automat


Upbeat and clever Krautrock by prolific Hamburg media artist Felix Kubin which also features Hubert Zemler on drums

Die Wilde Jagd

Contradictory and contemplative third album from Dussledorf/Berlin electronic punk duo Die Wilde Jagd


Fantastic new album from Toulouse trio Slift who have moved swiftly forwards from punk on their debut of last year to space rock on this second LP

Cascade Lakes

Cascade Lakes
Sincere but dull and unimaginative debut album from German indie band Cascade Lakes

Max Richter, Lorne Balfe and Nils Frahm

Ad Astra: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Spooky, beautiful and richly arranged soundtrack from Max Richter, Lorne Balfe and Nils Frahm to science fiction blockbuster which can be enjoyed on its own

Von Spar

Under Pressure
Fifth LP from lounge Cologne indie outfit Von Spar welcomes a wealth of notable guest vocalists


Failure is Inevitable
Half of chart-topping Peel darlings the Cuban Boys, Spray convincingly merge Euro disco and humour on their latest album


Is This Real?
Bluesy lo-fi garage rock on sometimes impressive but over-long album from Australian seven-piece the Pinheads, who flirt with 60's pop and Sex Pistols punk

Stereo Total

Ah! Quel Cinema!
Offbeat and quirky lo-fi new wave on eclectic latest album from Paris-Berlin duo Stereo Total


Psychedelic Backfire I and II
Furious freeform jazz recorded at a North Oslo cafe on double CD by experimental trio Elephant9

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Tracing Back the Radiance
Enthralling minimalism on new album from San Francisco-based modern classical composer Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

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