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Wild Hares/Tracy Santa - Hare Ball/Bottle of New Orleans

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 22 / 12 / 2020

Wild Hares/Tracy Santa - Hare Ball/Bottle of New Orleans
Label: Pill Pauper
Format: 10"


Lo-fi and twisted indie rock on ten inch split LP from Boston-born musician Tracy Santa upon which he appears both with his current band Wild Hares and also as a solo performer

Pill Pauper is, of course, an excellent name for a record label. It has now released a 10 inch split between East Coast and Western US bands, both led by Tracy Santa, a Bostonian who has kept a low profile in the music scene since the mid 1980s. Teaching writing, he's been On The Road, living in Boston, San Francisco and New Orleans where he recorded the five raw gems on the B-Side between 1986 and 1993. The ballad 'Your Smile Is Killing Me' though proves he's got the voice - a bit like Roy Orbison whilst giving a wink at Chris Isaak's. Too unpretending to pursue a career in music, Santa has fronted 84 Rooms, Der Love Nuts and the Idlewiles as well as releasing a couple of seven inch 45s under his real name, Santa. With No Trend's Michael Salkind on drums, on the Wild Hares' A-Side of this limited ten track ten inch LP there are five brand new songs, which were recorded in his current home town Colorado Springs a mere few weeks before lockdown. Set to with two yahoo bonanza songs, 'I Can't Stop It' and 'Liquor Wagon', the Wild Hares amaze as they're just a duo. Salkind on drums; Santa on guitar, vocals and bass. Yet, the Wild Hares do sound as if they comprise a litter of four. There is no evidence though that they've smuggled in extra musicians. On the last song, I started to snigger. "I don't wear no rings, no tattoo on my head 'cause I'm a married guy." No rock'n roll for Santa. Raw and pure amateur twang though.

Track Listing:-
1 Wild Hares - I Can't Stop It
2 Wild Hares - Liquor Wagon
3 Wild Hares - Never Coming Back
4 Wild Hares - Traction In The Rain
5 Wild Hares - Married Guy
6 Tracy Santa - I Don't Want To Know Why
7 Tracy Santa - This World Is Just A Prison
8 Tracy Santa - Little Bit Of Rain
9 Tracy Santa - Your Smile Is Killing Me
10 Tracy Santa - Forget Me Alphabet

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