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Snapped Ankles - Forest of Your Problems

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 23 / 8 / 2021

Snapped Ankles - Forest of Your Problems
Label: Leaf Label
Format: CD


Environmentally=concerned third album from Snapped Ankles who mourn forest demise with a set of cracking tunes.

Heading for the album charts with an exclusive giveaway CD 'Parasite Sessions' available from Rough Trade shops and a run of more exclusives elsewhere available, not to mention the LP format where the needle having reached the end returns to the start, it all reads like a marketing campaign scheduled from outerworld. Self-recognised tree huggers, Snapped Ankles spread their concerns over the petrification of our home grounds on their third album. The songs come like square spurts and squirt spasms,. Perfectly captured on 'Rhythm Is Our Business' ,for example,, it is as if XTC's Andy Partridge were hyperventilating up a tree with the righteous Catweazle. With XTC, Snapped Ankles share this apt concision when they blast out undeniable home truths as catchy tunes. Like you click your finger and on comes more wisdom. Snapped Ankles deal with unpopular matters of utmost urgency and immediate concern. Greta Thunberg might love 'Forest of Your Problems' to bits as Snapped Ankles' stance - on record - is just as forthcomingly obstinate. 'Forest of Your Problems' is Snapped Ankles' third alarm clock album and they spew out baffling songs with self-invented titles such as 'Psithurhythm'. Flirting with African percussion towards the end, on the outro of the album title track and on the intro makes listening a round trip. 'Shifting Basslines Of The Cornucopians', probably the highlight on the album, is a complex tune with flashes from a keyboard. Rolling basslines, thumping drums, catchy tunes and words of wisdom makes up a collection set out to change the world. In a Bandcamp plea Snapped Ankles ask us to buy the album to prove their parents wrong. Don't hesitate! Songs from this album should infiltrate people's minds over the next few years.

Track Listing:-
1 Forest of Your Problems
2 The Evidence
3 Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians
4 Undilated Lovers
5 Susurrations (In the Forest)
6 Rhythm Is Our Business
7 Psithurhythm
8 The Prince Is Back
9 Xylophobia
10 Forest of Your Problems (Outro)

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