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Leaf Label


A Hawk and A Hacksaw (2006)

The Way the Wind Blows
Excellent gypsy-influenced folk rock from New Mexico-based duo A Hack and A Hacksaw,which was partly recorded in a tiny rural village near the Ukraine/Romanian border

A Hawk and A Hacksaw (2009)

Accordion-infused melting point of eastern European gypsy-folk influences on alcohol-induced latest album from New Mexico-based experimentalists, A Hawk and a Hacksaw

A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangár Ensemble (2007)

A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangár Ensemble EP
Emotional intense and forceful new EP from the Eastern European folk-influenced A Hawk and a Hacksaw which they have recorded with Hungarian folk legends, the Hun Hangar Ensemble

Asa Chang and Junray (2003)

Over rated and over indulgent electronica from much acclaimed Japanese duo, Asa Chang and Junray

Au (2012)

Both Lights
Overstated progressive rock on debut album from Portland, Oregon-based duo, AU

Caribou (2005)

The Milk Of Human Kindness
Oddball lo-fi Canadian electro rock on third album from Dan Snaith. who has recently been forced to change his alias from Manitoba to Caribou

Clue To Kalo (2005)

One Way, It's Every Way
Initially baffling, but ultimately totally compelling second album from Clue to Kalo, which combines a West Coast/60's pop feel with electronica

Colleen (2007)

Les Ondes Silencieuses
Evocative third album of baroque minimalism from Colleen, the moniker for Parisian musician Cecile Schott, which finds her experimenting with a viola da gamba

Colleen et Les Boites A Musique (2006)

Colleen et Les Boites a Musique
Compelling third album from Coleen, the moniker for French musician Cecile Schott, which she has made almost entirely from the sounds of music boxes

Efterklang (2007)

Under Giant Trees
Strikingly beautiful limited edition mini-album from Copenhagen band Efterklang, which appeal to fans of music with an epic sound

Essie Jain (2008)

We Made This Ourselves
Bittersweet, but excellent debut album which reflects on relationships having gone badly wrong from London-raised, but now New York-based solo artist, Essie Jain

Essie Jain (2008)

The Inbetween
Confident and optimistic-sounding second album from gorgeous-voiced New York-based singer-songwriter Essie Jain, which has been re-released in an European edition with two extra tracks

Franck Vigroux and Matthew Bourne (2016)

Radioland: Radio-Activity Revisited
Fantastic reworking of Kraftwerk's 1975 seminal masterpiece from award-winning British experimental composer Matthew Bourne and French sound artist Franck Vigroux

Icy Demons (2009)

Miami Ice
Thoughtful experimental pop on debut album from Chicago/Philadelphia-based avant-garde collective, Icy Demons

Jerek Bischoff (2016)

Impressively experimental and classical-influenced latest album from former US West Coast popster Jherek Bischoff

Jherek Bischoff (2012)

Sublime orchestral pop on debut solo album from former Parenthical Girls multi-instrumentalist and Seatle-based musician, Jherek Bischoff

Julia Kent (2013)

Flawed, but occasionally gripping third solo instrumental album from New York-based cellist, Julia Kent

Julia Kent (2015)

Inventive fourth album from Julia Kent, which proves to be a fresh new start for the Vancouver-born but New York-based cellist

Julia Kent (2019)

Impressive combination of classical music, post-rock and ambience from New York-based cellist Julia Kent

Laurence Pike (2018)

Distant Early Warning
Australian composer-percussionist Laurence Pike debuts with personal home recordings which combine underlying tension and a sense of brooding magic

Laurence Pike (2019)

Holy Spring
Magnificent percussion minimalism on second album from Australian experimental musician Laurence Pike

Laurence Pike (2020)

Magnificent third album from experimental musician and multi-instrumentalist Laurence Pike which reflects on the Australian bush fires

LWW (2018)

Enthralling space rock on debut album from LWW, the new project of Portland, Oregon musician and AU frontman Luke Wyland

Manitoba (2003)

Up In Flames
Competent, but over hyped second album from solo artist Manitoba, who has attempted to combine his electronic background with the influence of Mercury Rev and Brian Wilson

Matthew Bourne (2016)

Ambitious and inspirational debut album from British composer Matthew Bourne, which was recorded using vintage Moog synthesisers

Melt Yourself Down (2013)

Melt Yourself Down
Flawed but highly promising debut album from jazz, funk and African-influenced London sextet, Melt Yourself Down

Murcof (2005)

Gorgeous second album from electronic genius Murcof, who remains "outside of conventional genre boundaries" and whose work "is closer to modern abstract composers than to anything else"

Murcof (2007)

Sometimes disturbing, but thoroughly compelling third album from Murcof, the project of Mexican musician Fernando Corona, who using purely classical instruments creates atmospheric minimalism on an immense scale

Murcof (2009)

The Versailles Session
Stunning soundtrack from Mexican composer Murcof who was commissioned to write the score to the annual nightly water spectacle of Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes at the Palace of Versailles, and which is chamber music for the 21st century

Nancy Elizabeth (2007)

I Used to Try
Strong new single from Lancashire-based folk singer Nancy Elizabeth, which appeal to fans of Joanna newson, Vashti Bunyan and Beth Orton

Nancy Elizabeth (2009)

Wrought Iron
Compelling third solo album from unsung heroine of English folk pop, Nancy Elizabeth

Nancy Elizabeth (2013)

Much anticipated fourth album from critically acclaimed folk pop artist Nancy Elizabeth, which fulfills every expectation

Nightports w/Matthew Bourne (2018)

Nightports w/Matthew Bourne
Stunningly inventive new recording between production duo Nightports and classically-trained musician Matthew Bourne which using pianos as source material breaks new ground on the Leaf Label.

Oh No Ono (2010)

Captivating and magical psychedelic-influenced Euro pop on debut album from Danish group, Oh No Ono

Polar Bear (2014)

In Each and Every One
Confusing but inventive and brilliant fifth album from London-based avant-garde act, Polar Bear

Polar Bear (2015)

Same as You
Disorientating butinnovative sixth album from jazz experimentalists Polar Bear, which is soothingly disturbing and exhilirating in equal measure

Roll the Dice (2011)

In Dust
Gorgeous and earthy, but futuristic electronica on superb second album from Swedish instrumental duo, Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice (2014)

Until Silence
Intriguing but compelling third album from Stockholm-based experimental duo and mini-orchestra, Roll The Dice

Sarathy Korwar (2019)

More Arriving
Impressive new album from Sarathy Korwar reflecting multi-cultural modern life in Britain today

Snapped Ankles (2019)

Stunning Luxury
Exotic second album from agile agitprop popsters Snapped Ankles who re-invent late 70's new wave and bring it back to life

Snapped Ankles (2021)

Forest of Your Problems
Environmentally=concerned third album from Snapped Ankles who mourn forest demise with a set of cracking tunes.

Szun Waves (2018)

New Hymn to Freedom
Excellent jazz-influenced second album from improvising London-based experimental trio Szun Waves

Vladislav Delay (2009)

First-rate album of experimental electronica from pioneering Finnish composer, Vladislav Delay

Volcano (2008)

Africa Just Wants to Have Fun
More art rock and post rock than African-influenced new single from innovative avant garde Chicago trio, Volcano !

Volcano (2008)

Energetic and satirical art rock on second album from inventive American experimentalists, Volcano !

Volcano! (2012)

Frenzied and quirky experimentalism on third album from Chicago-based art rockers, Volcano!

Wildbirds and Peacedrums (2008)

Fantastic debut album from Swedish duo Wildbirds and Peacedrums, which flutters between sparse, more layered and jazzy sounds, each with equal stunning effect

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