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Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving

  by Keith How

published: 22 / 10 / 2019

Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving
Label: Leaf Label
Format: CD


Impressive new album from Sarathy Korwar reflecting multi-cultural modern life in Britain today

From the moment the crashing percussion of opening cut 'Mumbay' tumbles out of your loudspeakers, you are aware that you are listening to something “different”. I listen to 'More Arriving' with continual amazement. It is a thoroughly modern record for pre-Brexit Britain. Korwar is well versed in jazz and Indian classical music (check out 'My East is Your West' with the Upaj Collective) but here he is mashing up hip-hop, rap, electronic noise and free form jazz into a spicy adventurous journey into modern Britain. The album’s melodic, rhythmic and Indian beats inspire spoken word and rapping in Hindi, Punjabi and English in a plea for acceptance and recognition in our multi-cultural society. The album title, of course, references current attitudes to immigration but delves deeper into the difficult times we live in. Among the bursts of tabla and drumming, poetry pours out of the hearts of Prebh Deep, MC Mawali along with the soulful voice of Mirande accompanied by superb inventive electronic soundscapes that are totally engaging. Politics aside, 'More Arriving' disregards genres such as fusion or world music and stretches out into a different territory. The sound palette is crammed full of ideas and yet is mixed with such restrain, so as not to overwhelm the listener but loses nothing of its dynamism and inventiveness. A stellar cast of musicians accompany Korwar’s wonderful percussive work. Danalogue (The Comet is Coming) on synths, Tamar Osborn on sax along with Indo-Jazz specialist Al MacSween allow the music to flow without restraint. 'More Arriving' is not only remarkable. It is almost prophetic and is certainly music for our times. I am not often lost for words. Today I am.

Track Listing:-
1 Mumbay (feat. MC Mawali)
2 Jallaad
3 Coolie (feat. Delhi Sultanate & Prabh Deep)
4 Bol (feat. Zia Ahmed & Aditya Prakash)
5 Mango (feat. Zia Ahmed)
6 City of Words (feat. TRAP POJU & Mirande)
7 Good Ol' Vilayati (feat. Mirande)
8 Pravasis (feat. Deepak Unnikishnan)

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