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Vladislav Delay - Tummaa

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 26 / 9 / 2009

Vladislav Delay - Tummaa
Label: Leaf Label
Format: CD


First-rate album of experimental electronica from pioneering Finnish composer, Vladislav Delay

One of the pioniers of Clicks_+_Cuts joins the Leaf Label after putting out early releases on prestigous labels like Max Ernst and Mille Plateaux which date back to 1999. Finnish by birth and by upbringing, 'Vladislav' - not his real name of course - went on to record the first hallmarks of the 'glitch' style of computer originated music where composition derived from sounds of the error messages and hardware failure bleeps. Very little of that still holds true today as our computing machines have since then become far more sophisticated and 'Tummaa' serves as an ample example of this. The album is his return to stylistic form. Since the heat is off, his crispy, smouldering electro-glitches sound different. 'Tummaa' is in a sense all about compositional structure as Delay did all the hard work a decade ago when Click_+_Cuts were in full bloom and fashionable. His method can't stay unknown. Delay had a great influence on the music clippings in commercials that, these days, we seem to take for granted, and this 'Tummaa' album leaves a magnificent impression because of the individual compositions and not of its style. Boiling and bubbling beneath the surface, the instrumental bleep-bop merely is an arrangement for Delay's warm and fiery compositions. The more often you listen to 'Tummaa', the sooner it becomes apparent how well the album sits within the Leaf Label's rooster. Vladislav Delay relies on electro acoustics where others rely on snare and drum acoustics. The end result and final comparison being the same. 'Tummaa' may be the odd one out on the Leaf Label but it's certainly one you need to check even if you're anti-electronics.

Track Listing:-
1 Melankolia
2 Kuula (Kiitos)
3 Mustelmia
4 Musta Planeetta
5 Toive
6 Tummaa
7 Tunnelivisio

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