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Junkboy - Sovereign Sky

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 26 / 11 / 2020

Junkboy - Sovereign Sky
Label: Fretsore Records
Format: CD


Enjoyable and timely reissue of Essex-based electronic duo Junkboy's underrated 2014 album

First digital release of the lovely 2014 album. Junkboy - Sovereign Sky - Fretsore CD Junkboy's second last album gets a deserved second chance. The Enraptured label moved copies of the LP to the stores but did sod all beyond that and the album was largely unnoticed. The Hanscomb brothers digitally enhanced 'Sovereign Sky' and it is now available to those who do not lead their lives next to the turntable guided by a stylus. (A bit rich coming from me). The Essex band with a Pacific Coast tendency blend their optimism with picturesque Englishness on, for example, 'Rainfalls' and 'Stormy Weather'. Junkboy come quite amiss with the times in the digital Century. Their jangling acoustics and prominent string arrangements match the soft spoken vocals though Junkboy are no Beach Boys copycats. "Oh, let's go away from here. Come, take my hand, to a gold sunny coast in distant lands", the opening line on 'Redwood' is obviously, however, an homage to California however. The West Coast sound tapers away on what used to be Side 2 of 'Sovereign Sky' as even a jolly samba touch makes its presence on the single 'Belo Horizonte'. 'Sovereign Sky' works like a walk through a leafy park in summer, an imaginary journey and a lazy stroll on the beach. Perfect lockdown music.

Track Listing:-
1 Priory Park
2 Redwood
3 Release the Sunshine
4 Salt Water
5 Rainfalls
6 Stormy Weather
7 Red Letters
8 Amber Glow
9 Sovereign Sky
10 Images Colours Coffee
11 Belo Horizonte
12 Water Wheel

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