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Philip Bradatsch - Jesus Von Haidhausen

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 26 / 11 / 2020

Philip Bradatsch - Jesus Von Haidhausen
Label: Trikont Records
Format: CD


Neo-retro latest album which is sung in German from Hamburg -based wordsmith hobo Philip Bradatsch

Musically rooted in, and perhaps lyrically reminiscent of Jarvis, Philip Bradatsch proves to be a sharp observer of street life and human behaviour in a sleazy harbour metropole. Slightly dissonant chords combine with contemplative words, which, however, come on strong for a singer who is bluntly honest about his past drug consumption. Showing little remorse about it, Philip Bradatsch has evidently never sold his soul. 'Jesus von Haidhausen' is released on Trikont, which is based way down South in Münich and, known for its obstinate and dedicated charm, was the label to whom John Peel trusted the release of his ‘Big 78s’ album. The Bavarian label's credo stands proud and tall on this album which to some degree relates to Charles Bukowski. Bradatsch’s band the Cola Rum Boys never attract attention but smoothly follow course. 'Chantal Kiesinger' – which is about his favourite nylon-wearing woman in the harbour's red light district - works wonderfully well thanks to their 1970s soul rock arrangement and rumbling twang guitar riffs, which are excellent backing to this gifted lyricist's unsettling sentiments. 'Rivers' (‘Flüsse’) is his tribute to wide fuck off rivers, though typically Philip Bradatsch mentions the Rhine and the Mississippi but not the Elbe of his home city. His keen eye leaves him there. On 'My Dear' (‘Meine Liebste’) and 'Radio Listeners' (‘Rundfunkempfänger)’ you'll notice he winds down and looks for shelter. And by the sound of it, it seems he's found it. Godawful traditional music and fitting words are exactly the reason why this troubled troubadour should be heard.

Track Listing:-
1 Alte Gebäude
2 (Ich weiß wirklich überhaupt nicht) was du überhaupt noch von mir willst
3 Chantal Kiesinger
4 Kriege
5 Jesus von Haidhausen
6 Flüsse
7 Meine Liebste
8 Rundfunkempfänger

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