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Black Dice - Mod Prog Sic

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 31 / 7 / 2022

Black Dice - Mod Prog Sic
Label: FourFour Records
Format: CD


First LP after a ten year hiatus marks the return of witty and eerie New York City trio Black Sice

Ditched between EMI Records subsidiaries, New York City's Black Dice established FourFour Records to release their first album since 'Mr. Impossible' came out in early 2012. Most notably, Black Dice's Eric Copeland put out a string of solo projects between 2012 and now. Lifting Black Dice spirits high with, for example, his 'Car Alarm' 7 inch, Copeland kept alive the momentum for almost a decade, allmost sounding like the disintegration and malfunction of ageing hardware At the meeting point of idiocy and idiosyncrasy, 'Mod Prog Sic' very much rounds up the decade of Black Dice inactivity with sounds that might have been recorded at the zoo, or at the library as Black Dice rejoices or dwells in misleading their listeners. Black Dice narrow down sounds to the extent where one starts to notice the similarities and begins to cherish the basic sounds. 'Mod Prog Sic' sums up a Black Dice decade worth of unrivalled adventurism which was shelved, erm, for a solid ten years yet spans the whole of that era,. The NYC Trio lost little of its jiggy wiggle bleep apppeal. The tricks treading in on 'Tuned Out' set the pace and build the blueprint for the entire 'Mod Prog Sic' album, which is. not timid of tedious teasing,

Track Listing:-
1 Bad Bet
2 Tuned Out
3 Swinging
4 Scramblehead
5 White Sugar
6 Plasma
7 Big Chip
8 All The Way
9 Scramblehead
10 Jocko
11 Downward Arrow
12 Scramblehead III

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