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Clinic - Bubblegum

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 11 / 10 / 2010

Clinic - Bubblegum
Label: Domino Records
Format: CD


Epic and memorable psychedelic pop on sixth album from Liverpool-based group, Clinic

'Bubblegum' is the sixth album from Liverpool four-piece Clinic, and age doesn’t seem to be detracting from their ability to write cracking indie tunes; they can still squeeze an epic, memorable and absorbing track into 3 minutes or less better than anyone else. Their keyboard-heavy, psychedelic sound returns on this new record, although arguably it’s a more chilled out record than 2008’s 'Do It!' Lead single and album opener ‘I’m Aware’ is one of those songs that you feel like you’ve known for years; as a listener you can slip right into it like a favourite pair of slippers, immediately at home and humming along. Other highlights are title track ‘Bubblegum’, the soft, acoustic ballad ‘Linda’, the spoken-word tale of love, ‘Radiostory’ and ‘Orangutan’, which brings the album to a close with a kick and a stomp. Bubblegum is a rich and gratifying listen, with 13 tracks, each given the care and attention in their development to keep the album fresh throughout. This is psychedelic pop at its best, and as we drift through autumn and heady fast towards winter, Clinic should help make the long wait until Christmas dinner seem all the more tolerable.

Track Listing:-
1 I'm Aware
2 Bubblegum
3 Baby
4 Lion Tamer
5 Linda
6 Milk & Honey
7 Radiostory
8 Forever (Demis' Blues)
9 Another Way Of Giving
10 Evelyn
11 Un Astronauta En Cielo
12 Freemason Waltz
13 Orangutan

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