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Fortuna POP!


Airport Girl (2007)

Slow Light
Long overdue second album from Airport Girl, who have abandoned their underground indie pop roots to produce a comforting, but more downbeat classic collection of alt. country

Allo Darlin' (2012)

Fantastic second album which lives up to all expections from much acclaimed part Australian, part British indie pop band Allo Darlin'

Allo Darlin' (2012)

First-rate new single from London-based inide pop band Allo Darlin', which combines the songcraft of the Go-Betweens with the vocal style of

Allo Darlin' (2010)

My Heart is a Drummer
Assured fourth vinyl only single from self-titled debut album of much acclaimed London-based indie pop band, Allo Darlin'

Allo Darlin' (2014)

We Come From the Same Place
Exuberant and infectious third album from much acclaimed indie pop band, Allo Darlin'

Ballet (2013)

I Blame Society
Hugely enjoyable third album of 80’s-influenced electronica from gay New York trio, the Ballet

Bearsuit (2004)

Latest single from the ever chaotic and reliable Bearsuit

Bearsuit (2004)

Cat Spectacular
Long-awaited, but almost totally satisfying debut album from chaotic Norwich-based indie popsters, Bearsuit

Bearsuit (2011)

The Phantom Forest
Wacky and messy indie pop on latest album from stubbornly unfashionable Norwich band Bearsuit, which while not introducing them to a wider audience will continue to appeal to their fanbase

Bearsuit (2011)

Princess, You're a Test
Short, yet brilliant garage rock on latest single from Norwich-based indie rock group, Bearsuit

Bearsuit (2010)

Please Don't Take Him Back
Exciting techno and keyboard-based latest single from Bearsuit, their first in a rejigged line-up

Butterflies Of Love (2002)

The Mutation / Crazy Mad
Latest single from "fun" guitar pop group, the Butterflies of Love

Butterflies Of Love (2007)

Famous Problems
Excellent third album of alt. country and indiepop from Connecticut-based group the Butterflies of Love

Cannonball Jane (2005)

Street Vernacular
Outstanding indie pop from Cannonball Jane, the moniker for Brooklyn-based teacher-by-day and musician-by-night Sharon Hagopian, whose debut album has just been re-released on British label Fortuna Pop after coming out some years ago in the United States

Chain and the Gang (2014)

Minimum Rock 'n' Roll
Sleazy and brash punk/rock and roll on fourth album from Chain and The Gang, the current band of Washington DC musician Ian Svenonius who was previously in the Make-Up and Weird War

Chemistry Experiment (2005)

Interstellar Autumn
Playful new EP from ever-enterprising Nottingham-based indiepop group the Chemistry Experiment, the main track of which blends Justin Hayward's 'Forever Autumn' with Pink Floyd's 'Interstellar Overdrive'

Chemistry Experiment (2002)

Round The Corner Dutch Zebra
"Very average lo-fi indiepop" from group with sensationally absurd and strange biography

Chemistry Experiment (2015)

Gongs Played by Voice
Eccentric but excellent second album and first release in nine years from psychedelic and prog rock-influenced Nottingham-formed indie pop outfit, the Chemistry Experiment

Chorusgirl (2015)

Fine debut album from 80's-influnced alternative rock/pop band Chorusgirl, which will appeal to both Goth and indie pop fans

Comet Gain (2014)

Paperback Ghosts
Splendid seventh album from London-based band Comet Gain, which combines their indie pop sound with a Northern Soul influence

Comet Gain (2015)

Fingerprint Ritual
Inventive and experimental latest EP from London-based indie rock veterans, Comet Gain

Comet Gain (2011)

An Arcade From the Warm Rain That Fall
Superb ramshackle pop on new vinyl single from British indie pop band, Comet Gain

Comet Gain (2011)

Howl of the Lonely Crowd
Well-crafted, yet formulaic and routine first album in six years for London pop punks, Comet Gain

Crystal Stilts (2011)

Shake the Shackles
Uplifting latest single from previously often seen-as-inaccessible New York post punk act, Crystal Stilts

Darren Hayman (2011)

The Ship's Piano
Simplistically melodic and tender collection of piano ballads and love songs from prolific former Hefner front man Darren Hayman, which was recorded largely at home as he recovered from being assaulted

Darren Hayman and Emma Kupa (2014)

Boy, Look at What You Can't Have Now
Chaotic but melodic vinyl only single from Darren Hayman and former Standard Fare front woman Emma Kupa

Darren Hayman with Elizabeth Morris and the Wave Pictures (2011)

I Know I F**ked Up/Who Hung the Monkey?
Stunning limited edition vinyl single from former Hefner frontman Darren Hayman, upon which he collaborates with both Elizabeth Morris from Allo' Darlin' and the Wave Pictures

Evans the Death (2012)

Catch Your Cold
Forgettable indie pop on vinyl only single from much hyped London-based band, Evans the Death

Evans the Death (2015)

Expect Delays
Stunning second album from thought-provoking 90’s-influenced post-punk/alternative rock outfit, Evans the Death

Evans the Death (2012)

Evans the Death
Excellent debut album from feedback-drenched London-based band, Evans the Death

Evans the Death (2012)

Telling Lies
Unusual and fresh-sounding alternative rock on third single from London-based band, Evans the Death

Evans the Death (2016)

Curious and experimental follow-up to their second album 'Expect Delays' from London-based alternative rock/pop outfit, Evans the Death

Finlay (2006)

Fall Of Mary
Patchy, but sometimes fantastic alt rock on second album from London-band Finlay

Flowers (2014)

Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do
Fine but repetitive debut album from new London-based indie pop outfit, Fkowers

Flowers (2013)

Until You're Dead
Charming lo-fi 80's-influenced indie pop on second vinyl only single from East London trio, Flowers

Grave Architects (2009)

Highway Be True/Love TBC
Pleasant enough, but indistinctive country from self-appointed Coen Brothers of Rock, Nottingham group the Grave Architects

Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee (2008)

Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee
Compelling new album from Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee, the bluegrass side project of among others former Hefner front man Darren Hayman and Wave Pictures singer David Tattersall, who have adapted their country-influenced music to make it sound like the traditional music of North London

Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee (2008)

Fine Young Cannibals/That's Why She Left Me
Appealing indie pop on new single from Hayman, Watkins, Trout and Lee, the side project of ex-Hefner vocalist Darren Hayman and Dave Tattersall, the frontman with the Wave Pictures

Herman Dune (2011)

Strange Moosic
Decceptively simplistic pop-oriented latest album from French folk-rock duo, Herman Dune

Joanna Gruesome (2013)

Weird Sister
Messy but compelling debut album from Cardiff-based horror fans and noise pop band, Joanna Gruesome

Joanna Gruesome (2015)

Peanut Butter
Energetic but somewhat repetitive noise pop on second album from award-winning Welsh group, Joanna Gruesome

Karl Smith (2013)

Slightly disappointing debut solo album from Australian indie pop duo Sodastream's front man, Karl Smith

Ladybug Transistor (2008)

Always on the Telephone
Excellent latest single from Brooklyn-based indiepop outfit the Ladybug Transistor

Ladybug Transistor (2011)

Clutching Stems
Appealing, but formulaic and routine seventh album from Brooklyn-based indie pop act, the Ladybug Transistor

Ladybug Transistor (2007)

Can't Wait Another Day
Effective combination of country and 60's sunshine pop on sixth album from the Ladybug Transistor, which proves to be their best record in years

Loves (2007)

Catchy glam-rock spiced with punk-rock aggression from 60's and 70's influenced Welsh group, the Loves

Loves (2010)

December Boy
Timeless-sounding, Phil Spector-influenced new single from Cardiff-based indie pop group, the Loves

Loves (2011)

...Love You
Magical 60's-influenced indie pop on fourth and final album from Cardiff-based band, the Loves

Loves (2009)

Fine, if by now sometimes formulaic third album of hook-riddled, fuzzed-up bubblegum pop from Cardiff-based group with a rapidly changing membership, the Loves

Loves (2009)

The Ex Gurlfriend EP
Infectious new download only single from Cardiff-based indiepop act the Loves

Loves (2007)

Hook-laden second album of 60's influenced fuzzy garage rock from Welsh indiepop rockers with an ever evolving line-up, the Loves

Lucksmiths (2001)

Why That Doesnt Surprise Me
The Lucksmiths may well be a new name to many but since 1993 they have released a run of E.P.s, 7” singles and a full length C.D. ‘Why That Doesn’t Surprise Me’ is the Melbourne-based pop group’s fi

Lucksmiths (2005)

Warmer Corners
Witty indie pop from Austalian quartet the Lucksmiths, back after a two year absence with a seventh album 'Warmer Corners'

Lucksmiths (2003)

Latest offering from the ever popular Australian indiepop three piece, the Lucksmiths, which finds them moving at times towards a more "traditional country rock sound"

Lucksmiths (2008)

First Frost
Understated, but highly impressive new album from Australian group the Lucksmiths

Lucksmiths (2008)

Up With the Sun
Finely executed, but totally predictable indie pop on new double A-sided download single from the Lucksmiths

Mark 700 (2002)

"Pleasant" debut indie pop from Berkshire group on the Fortuna Pop label, which is vaguely reminiscent of Hefner

Martha (2014)

Courting Strong
Uplifting but flawed and insubstantial debut album from young Durham-based band, Martha

Martha (2016)

Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
Sentimental anarcho-punk from Martha, who are possibly the most DIY band in Britain

Milky Wimpshake (2002)

Lovers Not Fighters
Long awaited second album from the always humorous Newcastle trio Milky Wimpshake, which combines a "homeade punk pop sound" with "fantastic lyrics"

Milky Wimpshake (2005)

Thrashy twee pop on third album from Newcastle indie pop punksters, Milky Wimpshake

Milky Wimpshake (2010)

My Funny Social Crime
Appealing and witty fourth album from Newcastle-based punk pop trio, Milky Wimpshake

Milky Wimpshake (2015)

Encore, Un Effort!
On their sixth proper album, Newcastle twee punkers Milky Wimpshake keep on doing what they do best, playing punkpop with clever and political lyrics

Milky Wimpshake (2008)

One Good Use for My Heart
Enjoyable combination of clever lyrics and catchy punk rock on first album in three years from Newcastle trio, Milky Wimpshake

Milky Wimpshake (2013)

Heart and Soul in the Milky Way
Excellent, if formulaic punk pop on fifth studio album from Newcastle-based group, Milky Wimpshake

Mountain Movers (2008)

We've Walked in Hell and There is Life After Death
Fantastic country-influenced debut album of the Mountain Movers, the new side project of Daniel Greene of American indie pop group, the Butterflies of Love

My Sad Captains (2007)

Bad Decisions/Here and Elsewhere
Americana-influenced indie pop on debut release from new London band, My Sad Captains

Pains of Being Pure At Heart (2009)

Come Saturday
Perfect noisy pop on new vinyl and download only single from the Fortuna POP's label's runaway success of the years, New York-based C-86 act, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Pains of Being Pure At Heart (2008)

Come Saturday
Passionate C86-influenced indie pop on new download only single from New York-based band, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Pete Astor (2016)

Spilt Milk
Excellent sixth solo album from former Loft and Weather Prophets front man and veteran singer-songwriter, Pete Astor

Pete Astor (2015)

Mr Music
Fabulous new seven inch vinyl single from Loft and Weather Propehts' front man, Pete Astor

Pipettes (2011)

Boo Shuffle
Gorgeous vinyl only comeback single from still under-rated girl group the Pipettes, who have returned as two-piece

Primitives (2011)

Never Kill a Secret
Surprisingly introspective comeback EP from late 1980's pop punk act, the Primitives

Proper Ornaments (2014)

Wooden Head
Predictable 1990's-influenced Britpop and Americana on debut album from Argentinian-British duo, the Proper Ornaments

September Girls (2013)

Cursing the Sea
Compelling alternative rock on debut album from Dublin all-women band, September Girls

September Girls (2013)

Likeable noise pop on vinyl only debut single from Dublin-based female five piece, September Girls

September Girls (2016)

Age of Indignation
Brave post-punk on second album from challenging all female group, September Girls

Simon Love (2015)

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Intelligent, witty 60's-influenced from former Loves' front man Simon Love that is unlikely to gain much radio play due to Love’s colourful choice of words.

Sodastream (2006)

Soft and melancholic indiepop on fourth album from Australian duo Sodastream, which, while enjoyable, has few real surprises

Sodastream (2004)

A Minor Revival
Classic, confident songwriting from long-serving melancholic Australian indie pop duo Sodastream, back with their latest album

Spook School (2015)

Try to Be Hopeful
Over-reverential and flawed second album from Edinburgh-based pop punk group, the Spook School

Spook School (2013)

Dress Up
Fabulous noise pop on debut album from Edinburgh-based band the Spook School, which takes as its main themes gender, identity and dressing up

Tender Trap (2002)

Oh Katrina
Refreshingly "cool" debut EP from indiepop pioneer, Amelia Fletcher's new project, Tender Trap

Tender Trap (2010)

Dansette Dansette
Deeply serious but yet hilarious third album from Tender Trap, whose 60's superficial girl pop influences are underscored with a gritty sense of feminism

Tender Trap (2010)

Girls with Guns
Superb free download single from indie pop act Tender Trap, which finds front woman Amelia Fletcher retruning to the punk energy of her earlier bands Talulah Gosh and Heavenly

Tender Trap (2002)

Film Molecules
Eclectic and experimental debut album of new project of former Talulah Gosh/Heavenly/Marine Research girl Amelia Fletcher

Tender Trap (2009)

Stunning comeback single from the recently expanded Tender Trap, the latest project of Talulah Gosh and Heavenly's Amelia Fletcher

Tender Trap (2012)

Ten Songs about Girls
Fabulous fourth album from London-based indie pop group Tender Trap, the band of former Talulah Gosh and Heavenly front woman Amelia Fletcher

Tullycraft (2013)

Lost in Light Rotation
Instantly catchy, but predictable sixth studio album from seminal Seattle-based indie pop outfit, Tullycraft

Various (2008)

Be True to Your School : A Fortuna Pop Compilation
Handy, but somewhat hit-and-miss retrospective compilation from the Fortuna Pop label, much of which originally came out on vinyl and has never been available on CD before

Various (2005)

More Soul Than Wigan Casino
Excellent covers EP of Northern Soul classics on the Fortuna Poplabel from indie pop acts Kicker, the Butterflies of Love, Comet Gain and Airport Girl

Would Be Goods (2004)

The Morning After
Sophisticated and existential indie pop on fourth album from much acclaimed long-serving London-based group, the Would-Be-Goods

Would Be Goods (2002)

Brief Lives
Sparsely eclectic and distinctive album from the Fortuna Pop indie pop label that in the space of its sixteen tracks" brings to mind Gaelic 60's pop, Nick Cave, the Mamas and Papas, and English folk."

Would Be Goods (2002)

Sugar Mummy
"Well written" and "simply recorded" three track EP from the highly regarded Would Be Goods


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