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Mountain Movers - We've Walked in Hell and There is Life After Death

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 1 / 6 / 2008

Mountain Movers - We've Walked in Hell and There is Life After Death
Label: Fortuna POP!
Format: CD


Fantastic country-influenced debut album of the Mountain Movers, the new side project of Daniel Greene of American indie pop group, the Butterflies of Love

The Mountain Movers is the new side project of Daniel Greene of the wonderful indie pop group, the Butterflies of Love. ‘We’ve Walked in Hell and There is Life After Death’, their debut album, is far removed from what the Butterflies of Love sound like, so I asked Daniel to tell me a bit about it. Here are his words to describe what he does : “I spend my days at school (He is a teacher in a Jewish school) getting ready for the end of the year. I write a play for the kids every year. At night, I paint, (Daniel’s own paintings are on this CD album) draw, write songs, record at home, or work on stories or poems.” The album features 16 musicians and opens with ‘I Met the Devil on a Bus’. This is more structured than the Butterflies, with some cool sounding trumpet and lush 70’s style organ, from fellow Butterfly Scott Amore. ‘This Last Hope’ features lots of trumpets and is very short. ‘Not Quite Yet’ is a toe tapper with a swell ending.‘This Man is Not Dead’ is smooth in sound with added, elegant brass and has a Southern charm to it. It is 1970’s flavoured in tone. ‘Bomb Shelter’ is a tasty 1970’s rocker with layers of brass.‘The Devil is Alive’ is a slow burning desert rock number, full of down beats, and full on pain like you have never known. ‘The Afterlife’ is a joyful ride into the American paradise. ‘What the Devil Wants, the Devil Takes’ is a real mover, which will have you moving your head in no time at all. ‘Just A Few’ is a slow country rock number , like Tindersticks in Neil Young country. ‘Leave A Light On’ and ‘Lost’are both slow country number s which are again reminiscent of Neil Young. ‘The Devil Always Wins’, which closes the album, is again slow and full of country flavours.

Track Listing:-
1 I Met The Devil On A Bus
2 This Last Hope
3 Not Quite Yet
4 This Man Is Not Dead
5 Bomb Shelter
6 The Devil Is Alive
7 The Afterlife
8 What The Devil Wants The Devil Takes
9 Just A Few
10 Leave A Light On
11 Lost
12 The Devil Always Wins

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