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Milky Wimpshake - Popshaped

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 10 / 8 / 2005

Milky Wimpshake - Popshaped
Label: Fortuna POP!
Format: CD


Thrashy twee pop on third album from Newcastle indie pop punksters, Milky Wimpshake

‘Popshaped’ is the third album from Newcastle indie pop punksters Milky Wimpshake and mainly consists of deleted tracks and rarities, but also throws in a few new numbers. All the tracks are short and to the point, very twee pop manner and recall 80’s bands such as Talulah Gosh and the Pastels. It starts off with the Dylan flavoured ‘Boxing Day Blues’ before getting thrashy with’(I am Saving Myself For ) You.’ ‘Kickstart Affair’ is very C86 in manner, but has louder guitars, bass and drums. ‘Pearshaped’ is an upfront duet and like a messy Jonathan Richman number. ‘You’re Shaken, I’m stirred’ has a lazy vocal from singer Pete Dale. Its minimal guitar is played in a punky rock n roll fashion. ‘Sensible Shoe Blues’ is chunkier in sound, but its vocal is very twee, ‘Don’t Get Down(Get Even)’ sounds like a messy Brit pop number. ‘Spidey’ comes from a similar era, but is more together. ‘Heart Handbook’ is very thrashy and twee pop at it best. ‘True Love/Youth’ strangely recalls the Long Ryders, while ‘Cheque Card’ is a student love song with real heart and soul. ‘Hackney’ recalls the Only Ones, while ‘Here’s to the State of Mr Poodle’ is reminiscent of Dylan and Woody Guthrie. ‘Flavoured Creepfoot’ is loud, faster and punky with strong vocals and guitarwork. The wonderfully titled ‘My Heart Beats Faster than Techno’ is sloppy fun and with edgy guitars. On ‘Count to 3’ Dale sings like Jilted John making Damon Albarn-style observations. ‘Milk Maid’ is meanwhile fast and punky and sounds like the Sex Pistols version of Eddie Cochran’s ‘Something Else’.

Track Listing:-
1 Boxing Day Blues (Take 1)
2 I'm Saving Myself For You
3 Kickstart Affair
4 Pearshaped
5 Not Poetry
6 You're Shaken, I'm Stirred
7 Sensible Shoes Blues
8 Don't Get Down (Get Even)
9 Spidey
10 Needed: Heart Handbook
11 True Love/Youth
12 Cheque Card
13 Hackney
14 Here's To The State Of Mr. Poodle
15 Creepfoot
16 My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno
17 Count To 3
18 Milk Maid

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