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Various - Be True to Your School : A Fortuna Pop Compilation

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 11 / 12 / 2008

Various - Be True to Your School : A Fortuna Pop Compilation
Label: Fortuna POP!
Format: CD


Handy, but somewhat hit-and-miss retrospective compilation from the Fortuna Pop label, much of which originally came out on vinyl and has never been available on CD before

I really can’t remember when I first stumbled upon Sean Price’s Fortuna Pop label, but I guess it must have been when I bought the fantastic 'Rob a Bank' single by the Butterflies of Love, or maybe it was that Airport Girl single, 'Between Delta and Delaware'. Anyway, I have since then always liked the label a lot, and consider it to be reliable ones, although not as quite reliable as, for instance, Matinée. When listening to this compilation of past singles and album tracks, that becomes even clearer to me : Fortuna Pop! is a label with both very high highs and low lows. I have heard maybe half of the 25 tracks presented here before, and a lot of the time with the others I felt that I hadn’t miss out on a lot. The Sodastream song picked here, 'Blinky', is one of their best, but also one of the most uncharacteristic, as it’s quite poppy and uptempo, and the same goes for Comet Gain’s 'You Can Hide Your Love Forever', which was one of the best songs of 2001, but also very poppy for a David Feck song (well, okey… 'Strength' is quite poppy too, and 'Say Yes'). Other fabulous songs here are Bearsuit’s 'Itsuko Got Married', the Lucksmiths’ 'T-Shirt Weather', the Aislers Set’s “The Walk' ( we miss you, Amy!) and of course Milky Wimpshake’s classic 'Dialling Tone@. The lows I just mentioned are represented by all the rockier bands here, and I tended to press the skip button when they come on. But if you, like me, only own many of these songs on vinyl, this is a great way to get them on a handy compact disc. And honestly, it’s almost worth paying the price of the CD just for the liner notes. They are absolutely hilarious!

Track Listing:-
1 Discordia- Y Sun Over Discordia
2 Finlay- Home
3 Tender Trap- Oh Katrina
4 Sodastream- Blinky
5 Bearsuit- Itsuko Got Married
6 Mark 700- Catchy Monkey
7 Cannonball Jane- Take It To Fantastic
8 The Chemistry Experiment- Your're The Prettiest Thing
9 The Loves- Xs And Os
10 Micktravis- Yvonne
11 Rob Da Bank- The Butterflies Of Love
12 Spraydog -Dialling Mitt
13 International Strike Force- I'm A Tiger
14 Twinkie- TK1
15 Fanfarlo- Talking Backwards
16 The Lucksmiths- T-Shirt Weather
17 MJ Hibbett- Work's All Right (If It's A Proper Job)
18 Taking Pictures- Fallen Angel
19 Airport Girl- Between Delta And Delaware
20 Mogul- Starving Hungry In Tescos
21 Milky Wimpshake- Dialling Tone
22 The Aislers Set- The Walk
23 Would-Be-Goods- Too Old
24 Comet Gain- You Can Hide Your Love Forever
25 Homescience- Small Music

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