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Butterflies Of Love - Famous Problems

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 25 / 1 / 2007

Butterflies Of Love - Famous Problems
Label: Fortuna POP!
Format: CD


Excellent third album of alt. country and indiepop from Connecticut-based group the Butterflies of Love

'Famous Problems' is the third album from the wonderful Butterflies of Love, the New Haven, Connecticut group based around unrelated singer-songwriters Jeffrey and Dan Greene. 'Famous Problems' is very much a move forward in sound for the band, opening up with 'Take Action', which is a solid work song, sung by Jeffrey, and which also features some lovely backing vocals from ex-Miracle Legion front man and acclaimed solo star Mark Mulcahy. 'Act Deranged' is full on in sound, very much what the Butterflies of Love do best, the sort of Americana bound to put a stupid grin on your face, and always for an unknown reason. 'In A Blizzard, In A Lighthouse' is Dan Greene's first song here and also the first single. It pushes his husky vocals to the fore and has a fantastic guitar solo. 'No Moon, No Sun, No Stars' also has Dan on vocals. It has something of a retro feel, sounding as if the Butterflies of Love got lost in a 1970's studio and went to party with its special effects. It recalls David Bowie in places. 'Lies Will Sound Like the Truth' is by Jeffrey and is summery in sound. 'Sunshine' is also by Jeffrey, and very slow and moody. 'Conquer Every Woe' is by Dan. It recalls the Clash in its early vibe, but ends having more of the spirit of the Beatles' 'Revolver'. It again has strong backing vocals from Mark. 'All of a Sudden' has a 60's experimental feel and powerful keyboards. 'Ghost Ride' is another Dan song and a laidback rocker, while 'Orbit around You' another gem of a song and the B side of the single, is a slow paced Jeff number. 'Smite, the White Eagle' is also slow, and, sung by Dan, is reflective in manner. It ends with 'Once a Year' by Jeffrey, which has a soft Velvet Underground feel.

Track Listing:-
1 Take Action
2 Act Deranged
3 In A Blizzard In A Lighthouse
4 No Moon No Sun No Stars
5 Lies Will Sound Like The Truth
6 Sunshine
7 Conquer Every Woe
8 All Of A Sudden
9 Ghostride
10 Orbit Around You
11 Know My Sign
12 Smite The White Eagle
13 Once A Year

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