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Chorusgirl - Chorusgirl

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 23 / 12 / 2015

Chorusgirl - Chorusgirl
Label: Fortuna POP!
Format: CD


Fine debut album from 80's-influnced alternative rock/pop band Chorusgirl, which will appeal to both Goth and indie pop fans

Chorusgirl hail from London but are fronted by German-born vocalist Silvi Wersing, who gave up her job of being a bassist to front her own band. She employed Diogo on lead guitar, Michael on drums and Udo on bass, and, as well as being the lead singer, became the chief songwriter and also now plays rhythm guitar. They released their debut single 'No Moon'/'Dream On, Baby Blue' as a limited edition 7" single on Odd Box Records earlier this year and are a total dream. They have enough darkness to please any Goth, but at the same time their eponymous debut album jangles enough to please any indiepopper on the block. This fine debut hits me all in the right places. 'Oh, To Be a Defector' is just oh, so perfect. It has a lovely, warm, familiar but still fresh feel to it. They sound on it like a 4AD band of 1988 with Silvi's perfect dreamy vocals. The guitars meanwhile crash around it, and the bass is hard and dominant. 'No Moon' is a rockabilly number which recalls Morrissey. A driving drum, carries the song while Raveonettes-sounding guitars bounce off each other as if attending a Halloween party. 'Girls of 1926' is a love song for both Silvi's best friend and her grandmother. It's like the best bottle of pop, shaken up until the bubbles blow up in an explosion of fizz, It features Lush-style keyboards and perky guitar, while the drums get a good seeing too as well. 'This Town Kills' is a 1950's-flavoured indiepop number, kitsch, honey-toned, a song to hold your own hand too and dream. 'Sweetness and Light' has a Jesus and Mary Chain 'Darklands' feel, while underneath there is enough for any indie fan to admire. 'We Care About You' has an early 1980's Cure-like rhythm, and is dark but sweet and rather lovely as well. S'hivers' is jangly but weirdly twisted like Throwing Muses, and a shy indie dance anthem. 'Dream On, Baby Blue' is fast and furious, like Lush taking on Belly with big bass lines and guitar patterns to please all. 'Arrows and Bones' combines the magic of the Cure with the power pop of the early indie 1980s and throws in a howl of Banshees' weirdness. 'Whiteout' ends the album with a dark Gothic bass and vocals from Silvi that shimmer like those of Elizabeth Fraser in the Cocteau Twins. A total joy, which is quite possibly my Album of the Year.

Track Listing:-
1 Oh, To Be a Defector
2 No Moon
3 Girls of 1926
4 This Town Kills
5 Sweetness and Slight
6 We Care About You
7 Shivers
8 Dream on, Baby Blue
9 Arrows and Bones
10 Whiteout

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