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Chain and the Gang - Minimum Rock 'n' Roll

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 29 / 5 / 2014

Chain and the Gang - Minimum Rock 'n' Roll
Label: Fortuna POP!
Format: CD


Sleazy and brash punk/rock and roll on fourth album from Chain and The Gang, the current band of Washington DC musician Ian Svenonius who was previously in the Make-Up and Weird War

Maximum Rock'n Roll is the fanzine punk bible in the US, and founded in 1982 is rightfully still in circulation. The top dog with Chain & The Gang is Ian Svenonius who probably owes a lot to the magazine, hence this tribute in modest reverse style. Emerging from the militant DC scene, Chain & The Gang links the Rolling Stones to the Gang Of Four and brews a brash blend of sleazy and punky rock 'n roll. Very much like the Rolling Stones, Svenonius and Chain & The Gang have reached respectable ages without producing music worthy of exclamation marks. 1998's 'Save Yourself', which he recorded with the Make-Up, still stands proud as the masterpiece in Svenonius' discography. The master touch stays omnipresent on 'Minimum Rock'n Roll' though. Fingersnapping and loud rhythm and blues, brooding garage punk rock, this album has it all. Perhaps not in line with the proportions that you'd favour, 'Minimum Rock'n Roll' is, however, mujch better than any Rolling Stones sellout of late. I indeed repeatedly mention that band again and again. It was just Reaganomics which prevented Svenonius from becoming the next Jagger. Bluesy twang and soulful melodies bring back memories. 'Minimum Rock'n Roll' offers post rock'n roll, as echoing twangs die off in the wildst. There is collateral tambourine damage all around. The closing track 'Waited Too Long' rounds off this senior extravaganza.

Track Listing:-
1 Devitalize
2 Never Been Properly Loved
3 I'm a Choice (Not a Child)
4 Stuck in a Box
5 Got to Have It Everyday
6 Fairy Dust
7 Mum's the Word
8 Crime Don't Pay
9 What Are You in Here For?
10 Minimum Rock n Roll
11 Curtain Pull
12 Everything Worth Getting (Is Gon

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