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Alex Halls - Reviews

Mad Sin

20 Years in Sin Sin
Monotonous-sounding compilation from German psychobilly band Mad Sin of their 20 years ago, somewhat boosted by an extra live CD

Our Last Night

The Ghosts Among Us
Flawed, but also promising debut album from much derided American hardcore act, Our Last Night

Loved Ones

Build and Burn
Accessible punked up rock 'n' roll on eclectic second album from Philadelphia group, the Loved Ones


Internal Salvation
Energetic, but thought-inspiring sixth album from much admired Boston quintet, the Unseen


Punk Rock Singles 1978-1999
Unpretentious and honest old school punk on 25 track compilation from durable Canadian band D.O.A.

Society's Parasites

Society's Parasites
Brazenly powerful debut album from Los Angeles-based street punks, Societys Parasites

Zico Chain

Where Would You Rather Be ?
Distinctive-sounding, but flawed new single from the much acclaimed Zico Chain who have toured with the Alkaline Trio and Wolfmother


More to It Than Meets the Eye
Solid but mildly disappointing new album from London-based punks Deadline, which does not quite live up to the expectations met by its predecessor 'Take A Good Look'


Explosive, if occasionally contrived debut album from New England-based metal/post-hardcore act Vanna

Only Crime

Excellent experimental melodic hardcore on second album from punk supergroup Only Crime, which builds on the quality of its predecessore, the much acclaimed 'To the Nines'


Chapter Eight-the Golden State
Splendid eighth album of political punk from under-rated Dutch band and fromer Epitaph signings Heideroosjes


Take a Good Look
Edgy-sounding, political-in-tone fourth album from London-based hardcore punks, Deadline


Unpolished angst-ridden farewell offering on 7' from Stoke-based indie punks, Centrifuge

Fucked Up

Hidden World
Long awaited, but overlong debut album from depressed Canadian hardcore act, Fucked Up


Under Attack
Uncomplicated, but classic punk on seventh album from British-sounding New York group the Casualties

Roger Miret And The Disasters

My Riot
Hit and miss rock 'n' roll inspired third album from former Agnostic Front frontman, Roger Miret and his latest band the Disasters


Whatever's Got You Down
Enjoyable punk rock from Californian band Samiam, back after an absence of four years


Keeping up Appearances
Excellent first single of original material in five years from acclaimed UK punks, Capdown

Breed 77

In My Blood (En Mi Sangre)
Diverse hard rock on third studio album from Gibraltar-based band Breed 77, whose unique sound integrates both Spanish / flamenco oriented guitar and Moroccan / Northern African rhythms

Strike Anywhere

Dead FM
Provocative political hardcore punk from Virginia-based band Strike Anywhere, back after a three year absence with their third album


Warped Tour 2006
Latest Warped Tour punk compilation which includes tracks from Anti-Flag, the Casualties, Matchbnook Romance, Flogging Molly, NOFX and Saces the Day

King Blues

Under The Fog
Politically hard leftwing debut album from new London band the King Blues, which proves to be an intriguing mix of reggae, ska and punk rock

Good Riddance

My Republic
Fantastic and as usual uncompromising new album from California-based socially-conscious hardcore punks Good Riddance


Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
Political, but enetertaining eleventh album from bestselling Californian punks Nofx

None More Black

This Is Satire
Frustrating third album from rock 'n' roll and country influenced punks, None More Black

US Bombs

We Are The Problem
Enjoyable, but instantly forgettable old school punk from durable American group US Bombs, who are back after a threeyear absence

Lawrence Arms

Oh Calcutta !
Worth-the-wait follow-up from thought-provoking punks the Lawrence Arms to 'The Greatest Story Ever Told', their groundbreaking last album of three years ago

Alkaline Trio

Mercy Me
Melodic punk rock on second single from Alkaline Trio's new album 'Cimson'

Sonic Boom Six

Sounds To Consume
Compelling re-release with new tracks of Sonic Boom Six's debut album, who unusually for a ska/reggae act are fronted by Laila, a female singer


Potemkin City Limits
Startingly effective rock from Winnipeg group Prophagandi, back with a fifth album on punk label Fat Wreck Chords

Sun Eats Hours

The Last Ones
Experimentally forceful third album from unconventionally catchy Italian-based melodic hardcore punk group Sun Eats Hours


Where We Stand
Re-release of increasingly prolific Ventura-based band Yellowcard's gritty debut album, which was recorded in 1999 during their school days

Throw Rag

13 Ft. And Rising
Third album from Californian-based group Throw Rag, who have recently toured with the Queens of the Stone Age and who encompass a rock 'n' roll element within their punk sound

Real Mckenzies

10,000 Shots
Distinctive and highly individual punk on fifth album from the hard-drinking The Real McKenzies, who merge their guitars with traditional instrumentation including the bagpipes

Suicide Machines

War Profiteering Is Killing Us All
Superb sixth album from eclectic Detroit rockers the Suicide Machines , who fuse punk, ska, hardcore and metal within their sound


Warped Tour 2005 Compilation
Variable, but essentially worth-hearing two and a half long double CD of punk rock and the latest addition to the Warped Tour series

Useless Id

Fifth album of accomplished, if somewhat stereotypical pop punk from Israeli band Useless ID


Intriguing combination of rock 'n' roll and punk from three-fourths female Minnesota quartet, the increasingl saleable The Soviettes

No Use For A Name

Keep Them Confused
Diverse, but far from cutting edge ninth album from San Jose and Fat Wreck signings No Use for a Name


Punk-o-rama 10
Latest CD in Epitaph's long-running and good quality Punk-O-Rama series, which finds the label shifting from its original values and incorporating elements of rap


Disappointing and often confusing first album from art punks Twinkw, which despite them coming from Derby, has been released on Californian-based label Avebury Records


Distinct return-to-form on ninth album from American Christian punk MxPx, which recreates some of the magic last seen on their 1996 classic 'Life in General'


It Won't Snow Where You're Going
Re-release of high calibre, if slightly over gloomy second album from Illinois emo punks Park. now in their fourth incarnation to date

British Beef

Without Me
Compellingly upbeat ska rock on excellent new debut single from Swindown four piece British Beef


The Good The Band And The Ugly
Appealing and very down to earth punk on seventeen track album from unknown four piece Glueball

Over It

High quality punk on third album from now Californian based quartet, Over It, which proves "perfect for the summer days ahead"

Days Like These

Charity Burns Green
Strong debut album from six-piece New Jersey emo punks Days Like These, whom cite Radiohead, Incubus and Coldplay amongst their influences

A Small Victory

El Camino
Debut full-length album from Atlanta-based punks, A Small Victory, which unfortunately after a particulary strong start begins to quickly lose its way


Thoughtful "softcore" punk on first single from seventh album from durable Swedish quintet, Millencolin

Staring Back

Re-release of 2002 second CD from Santa Barbara punks Staring Back, which proves to be "one of the best over-looked albums in recent years"

Eleven Minutes Away

Arson Followed Me Home
Impressive debut album from genre-defying Canadian group Eleven Minutes Away, the latest signings to Deep Elm

Quit Your Day Job

Quit Your Day Job
Entertaining mini-album from Swedish-based pop punks, Quit Your Day Job, which has merits and drawbacks in equal measure

Smoke Or Fire

Above The City
Thoughtful, but sadly short mini-debut album from Boston act Smoke or Fire, which leaves it listener wanting more, not out of just them, but also "punk in general"


Live In A Dive
New 22 song compilation of live material from durable Southern California punks' Lagwagon, the seventh instalment in their label Fat Wreck's 'Live in a Dive' series

Roger Miret And The Disasters

Excellent second album of street punk from Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret's new project, the Disasters

Simple Plan

Still Not Getting Any
Second album from Montreal bestelling act Simple Plan, which "reinforces the band’s commitment to indulgent, catchy, pop-edged punk rock"

Red Lights Flash

Excellent third album from philosophical Austrian hardcore punk act, Red Lights Flash, who have toured with Anti-Flag, Capdown and Hundred Reasons

Strung Out

Exile In Oblivion
"Best effort to date" from long serving Southern Californian punks and Fat Wreck signings, Strung Out


Eastpak Resistance Tour 2004
Hard/metal core punk compilation, slightly marred by a poor choice of track layout, which features the likes of Agnostic Front, Death by Stero and Sick Of It All

Social Distortion

Sex, Love And Rock 'n' Roll
Melodic blues punk from the much acclaimed Social Distortion, back after an absence of eight years, with a new album which proves to be the punk community's "own ultimate chill-out album"

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