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Red Lights Flash - Free...

  by Alex Halls

published: 17 / 1 / 2005

Red Lights Flash - Free...
Label: A-f Records
Format: CD


Excellent third album from philosophical Austrian hardcore punk act, Red Lights Flash, who have toured with Anti-Flag, Capdown and Hundred Reasons

Having already released 2 albums and toured with the likes of Anti-Flag, Capdown and Hundred Reasons, Red Lights Flash is Pittsburgh based A-F Records’ first international signing, adding a somewhat unusual Austrian presence to the world of hardcore punk. The album, 'Free', is further proof that diversity is of paramount importance if anything is to progress, not solely within the world of music but within our global society too. Formed in 1997, this four-piece hail from Graz, the second largest city in Austria with a mere 305,000 population and consist of Christian (vocals, guitar), Constantin (drums), Werner (vocals, bass) and Christoph (guitar, vocals). With 3 singers on offer, thus adding multi-dimensional vocals, Red Lights Flash avoid the crepitation that can often exist in vocals in the hardcore scene. Recently off a support tour with fellow label residents Pipedown, Red Lights Flash have now blessed the scene with 'Free', one of the finest records of the 21st Century thus far and a strong contender for best album of 2004. Its fresh approach triggers the kind of excitement and euphoria normally associated with the arrival of royalty, despite Austria having nevertheless become a republic in 1918. Red Lights Flash attempt to uncover, or at least question quite why we exist: aptly stating in 'Past Soul' "We are the second generation, what is our goal?" This questioning is a crucial element in the band’s lyrical content on 'Free', developing theories of economy boosts as direct results of intended warfare and conflict, cleverly focusing on political figures of a previous generation to relay a reoccurring trend in modern day politics; after all we can all see for ourselves what the current U.S. President has been doing without having it spelled out once again. 'Free' more than indubitably lives up to its title. It liberates the senses from life’s occasional monotonies whilst exhibiting the same political passion that has often been associated with Good Riddance. Red Lights Flash is more melodic than the American giants but consistently displays exemplary, dentate hardcore that questions the full extent of our civil liberties in a society increasingly concerned with the dissipation of threats to national security. Unsurprisingly there are no falderals on Free as the album is expressive from beginning to end, every small piece of the thirteen tracks fitting in as securely as a key in its rightful lock, all intelligently put together to allow a catchiness to creep in without overdoing it. Having seemingly unlocked the secret to exceptional hardcore, Red Lights Flash is in a position to consummate the good work thus far undertaken and make an even greater impression on music as a whole. Renowned for their energetic live sets, it would be mere foolishness to bet against the band succeeding yet further. That live energy unquestionably transforms itself into studio quality, allowing what could end up being the next big thing in hardcore to present itself as the complete package.

Track Listing:-
1 Past Soul
2 Last Come, First Served
3 Saving My Time
4 Boost The Economy
5 Direct Action
6 Time The Lights Went Out
7 Carneval (Negatively Negative)
8 Darkest Moments
9 Making Choices
10 Politics Of Hate
11 Haven't We Aged Well?
12 Your Waywardness
13 Words, Context, Warfare
14 Video Past Soul

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