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Park - It Won't Snow Where You're Going

  by Alex Halls

published: 18 / 5 / 2005

Park - It Won't Snow Where You're Going
Label: Lobster Records
Format: CD


Re-release of high calibre, if slightly over gloomy second album from Illinois emo punks Park. now in their fourth incarnation to date

Ladd Mitchell (guitar, vocals); Justin Valenti (guitar); Jansen Lee (bass, backing vocals); and Miles Logan (percussion) hail from the American Mid-West; Springfield, Illinois and complete the current line-up of Park, the fourth incarnation to date. The band’s album, another release on Lobster Records, marks the continued effort by that label to provide an array of styles within the punk genre, all of the highest calibre. 'It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going' (November 2003) has just been released in Britain and follows on from their debut 'No Signal' (2001). It is more towards the emo side of the said array and is a fine example of how that particular style should be played. 'It Won’t Snow' is an explorative album, one that embarks on a voyage of self-discovery and reflection: it allows songs about love and relationships to be taken to another level. Based on this, it may then find difficulties in finding a fan base as it concentrates more on the failures than the successes and risks alienating itself from the listener who is content with life and would rather move forward than back. In the 10 tracks Park touches on themes that are a result of Mitchell’s experiences, such as the need to commit suicide ('Which Wrist First'). This is indicative of the emotional struggles of adolescents where the perceived easy way out is often the hardest and most difficult to see through to the end: Mitchell conveys this well, in almost poetic fashion. On 'In Conversation With Emily', whilst describing relationship troubles, Ladd Mitchell even refers to himself in the third person. It is an occurrence that is rarely seen in lyrics and certainly comes as a different way of looking at what the band is attempting to portray. There is always a worry that this style will predominantly appeal to the insecure, as the music rarely finds uplifting notes and, negatively, there is no real break given from this emotion, which allows for continuity throughout, but will certainly challenge the carefree and mirthful. On the other hand, as the album progresses, it reaches further into the void that life can occasionally bring; with Park attempting to make sense of feelings and emotions, extrapolating belief from one’s gloomy perspective. 'It Won’t Snow 'is never going to blow you away but remains a record that is pleasant to listen to, albeit with conditions attached. It makes a better album for unwinding and getting lost in the mood, if a little emotionally charged for most people’s liking. It is obvious Mitchell is using the songs as his emotional and creative outlet but, with this release, comes the correlative depressive effect the lyrics can have on the listener. If looking beyond this, however, the music on this album is well written and played, suiting the lyrical themes impeccably but, altogether, remaining limited in its audience scope. It is one step above 'No Signal' and two steps ahead of the field, if only it were not quite so realistically dark in subject.

Track Listing:-
1 Gasoline Kisses For Everyone
2 Day One And Counting
3 Pomona For Empusa
4 Conversations With Emily
5 Which Wrist First
6 Numerous Murders
7 Dear Sweet Impaler
8 Your Latest Victim
9 This Would Be Easier If You Would Just Die
10 Codex Avellum

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