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Alex Halls - Albums

Rise Against

Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness

In the latest in our Re : View series, in which our writers look back at albums from previous years, Alex Halls examines Chicago quartet punk Rise Against's fourth album 'The Sufferer and the Witness;, which he missed out on when it was released last year

Burning Heads

Burning Heads - Taranto

One of the least recognised bands on the punk rock circuit, the French group Burning Heads have now released seven exceptional albums. Alex Halls reflects on last year's 'Taranto', an unheralded classic and their best yet

De Heideroosjes

De Heideroosjes - Smile...You're D

Formed in 1989, Dutch Punk band ‘De Heideroosjes’ (HR) provide a challenge to both political and social ideals. Quite frankly they’re not wrong in doing so. ‘Smile... You’re Dying!’ is a compilation o

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