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Propaghandi - Potemkin City Limits

  by Alex Halls

published: 8 / 11 / 2005

Propaghandi - Potemkin City Limits
Label: Fat Wreck
Format: CD


Startingly effective rock from Winnipeg group Prophagandi, back with a fifth album on punk label Fat Wreck Chords

Since Good Riddance effectively disbanded the punk world has been left with very little lyrically-placed political discourse. At a time when it really needs it most why is there so little around? Are people content in sitting back and accepting what is going on around us when voices must be heard? That generally seems to be the case: Thank God Propaghandi are still around to buck the trend! And, oh, for some reason, don’t call the band punk… they don’t like it. Propaghandi’s creation dates back to the 80's, in Winnipeg, Canada, when the band were a damn sight younger and of an age when they wanted to form a band in order to change scenery. As its name suggests, the band; Chris (Vocals/Guitar); Todd (Vocals/Bass); and Jord (Drums/Vocals), is heavily involved in political thinking but Propaghandi doesn’t just politicise in its music. It actively promotes the congregating of people to display resentment towards public and international policy: Canada’s recognition of the new Haitian government is one of their projects at the moment. Released worldwide on Fat Wreck Chords, Propaghandi’s fifth album, 'Potemkin City Limits' continues the band’s attack on countries’ political aims. The twelve tracks this time provided by Propaghandi, using a less mordant hardcore sound than many of their North American contemporaries, are able to boost the sense of anger (Rock for Sustainable Capitalism) felt by the band and exhibit the passion for their cause, one which is evident on their website and proves the band are more than just words. It’s been a while since Propaghandi released a record but it is obvious that this is a record that is far from having been rushed in any way. It feels more sensible than daring; a sensibility that carries a lot more weight than a misplaced, zealous and therefore disjointed enthusiasm, something that it could have otherwise been. Every song is beautifully unrelenting: they are engaging right until their end; just what you want when there’s a serious subject-matter continuously on the go. 'Potemkin City Limits' may lack some of the intensity of previous release, 'Today’s Empire, Tomorrow’s Ashes', but it still has intensity in abundance and, nearer the end of album, the songs often revert to guitar solos that add a technical side to the record, marking the band as true musicians. In Potemkin City Limits, Propaghandi has created another startlingly effective album, one that is able to drive home every piece of information that is to be conveyed. It has the ability to leave the listener enraged and informed, not on the verge of radical mobilisation but with a greater awareness of how to go about making a difference. Even if this album were not politically motivated, it would still rank with the best, as in its current form it excels in every breath. Propaghandi care, there’s no doubt about that. Every last ounce of vehemence is transmitted into the songs, making Potemkin City Limits' alluring, irresistible and downright genuine at heart.

Track Listing:-
1 A Speculative Fiction
2 Fixed Frequencies
3 Fedallah's Hearse
4 Cut Into The Earth
5 Bringer Of Greater Things
6 Die Jugend Marschiert
7 Rock For Sustainable Capitalism
8 Impending Halfhead
9 Life At Disconnect
10 Name And Address Withheld
11 Superbowl Patriot XXXVI
12 Iteration

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