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Fat Wreck


Against Me (2005)

Searching For A Former Clarity
Unsatisfying latest offering from usually more reliable Florida-based punks Against Me !

Descendents (2004)

New EP and first release in 7 years from catchy American pop-punk act, the Descendents, which serves as an enticing introduction to their forthcoming album, 'Cool as You'

Lagwagon (2005)

Live In A Dive
New 22 song compilation of live material from durable Southern California punks' Lagwagon, the seventh instalment in their label Fat Wreck's 'Live in a Dive' series

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (2008)

Have Another Ball
Enjoyable collection of classic 60's and 70's covers from punk rock super group, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (2006)

Love Their Country
Energetic, but intellectually unchallenging collection of country covers by punk rock supergroup, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

No Use For A Name (2005)

Keep Them Confused
Diverse, but far from cutting edge ninth album from San Jose and Fat Wreck signings No Use for a Name

Only Crime (2007)

Excellent experimental melodic hardcore on second album from punk supergroup Only Crime, which builds on the quality of its predecessore, the much acclaimed 'To the Nines'

Propaghandi (2005)

Potemkin City Limits
Startingly effective rock from Winnipeg group Prophagandi, back with a fifth album on punk label Fat Wreck Chords

Real Mckenzies (2005)

10,000 Shots
Distinctive and highly individual punk on fifth album from the hard-drinking The Real McKenzies, who merge their guitars with traditional instrumentation including the bagpipes

Smoke Or Fire (2005)

Above The City
Thoughtful, but sadly short mini-debut album from Boston act Smoke or Fire, which leaves it listener wanting more, not out of just them, but also "punk in general"

Soviettes (2005)

Intriguing combination of rock 'n' roll and punk from three-fourths female Minnesota quartet, the increasingl saleable The Soviettes

Strike Anywhere (2006)

Dead FM
Provocative political hardcore punk from Virginia-based band Strike Anywhere, back after a three year absence with their third album

Subhumans (2004)

Live In A Dive
Live package and first album in 13 years from political punks the Subhumans, which proves that they have lost none of their passion and power



Smoke or Fire
Interview James Summerfield - Interview

American punk act Smoke or Fire's debut album 'Above the Fire' came out on Fat Wreck earlier this year. Frontman Joe McMahon talks to Alex Halls about it and his band's recent appearance on the European Deconstruction tour

Interview Lagwagon - Interview

Californian punks Lagwagon were the first band to sign to seminal punk label Fat Wreck Records. Singer Joey Cape talks to Ana Grabov about his ongoing loyalty to the label, his band's longevity and his two side projects

None More Black
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Now signed to Fat Wreck Chords, None More Black is the new project of former Kid Dynamite frontman Jason Shevchuck. Anastasia Grabov speaks to them backstage on the London date of their first ever European tour about their debut album, 'File Under Black'

Strung Out
Interview Strung Out - Interview

At their first British show in four years at the Underworld in London, Andy Vincent speaks to Jake Riley from Californian punks about their just released seventh full length album, 'Black Hawks over Los Angeles', and long standing relationship with their label Fat Wreck Records


Mad Caddies
Astoria, London, 30/10/2004 Go Team - Astoria, London, 30/10/2004

The Mad Caddies recently returned to Britain to promote their new CD, 'Live From Toronto: Songs In The Key Of Eh.' Ana Grabov watches them live up to their reputation as “Fat Wreck’s best live band”

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