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Subhumans - Live In A Dive

  by Alex Halls

published: 27 / 3 / 2004

Subhumans - Live In A Dive
Label: Fat Wreck
Format: CD


Live package and first album in 13 years from political punks the Subhumans, which proves that they have lost none of their passion and power

The Subhumans are the first band not on the Fat Wreck label to have been invited to record for their 'Live In A Dive' record series and are also the first with the original credentials and pedigree of a punk band. Originally formed in 1980, out of the backlash of the Sex Pistols, the Subhumans were based in Warminster, Wiltshire, and always offered quality political antagonism alongside their gritty vocals and guitars. Having gone through several personnel changes throughout their early years, the Subhumans return with a collection of 25 past releases, plus one new song, all recently recorded live at the Showcase Theatre in Corona, California, in true punk style: this is a collection of songs, punk at heart and just too damn real for its own good! Live records always carry with them a kind of magic that ordinary records quite often fail to capture, especially in the punk scene. 'Live In A Dive' is no exception; it oozes energy and venom, whilst making political statements that seem just as adept and appropriate today as they ever were. ' This Year’s War' speaks about the Iraq War: “There’s war in the headlines, war in the heads, of the leaders who feed us til we’re overfed. We’re not hungry anymore for your diet of war, malnutrition for the global poor”. It deconstructs the reasons for war and provides justifications as to why we shouldn’t let politicians take us down the road “leading straight to the heart, of capitalism and market chains, that supply the demand to feel less pain.” Carrying this message, this new track retains the same vivacity of previous Subhumans songs, never deceiving and never familiarising itself with modern music: it is the punk of old coupled with a message for today. Highlight tracks include 'Mickey Mouse Is Dead', and 'Subvert City', which the band describe as the result of oppression and wrongful imprisonment leading to more anarchy and distrust of the system: quite apt if you look at how some prisoners go on to commit more serious crimes once released. The wealth of aggression, fast-paced and seething guitars along with mind-entering vocals prove the freshness of the Subhumans and that age holds no boundaries, often it improves, and here that most certainly is the case. Even some 13 years since their previous release, the Subhumans manage to pull an incredible crowd, that is more than willing to join in with many of the songs: affirming the true test of whether a band’s appeal is more than just contemporary. Original fans may feel a little cheated to see 25 past songs included but it serves as a reminder of the quality of music in the not so distant past and will certainly introduce a younger generation to the punk that inspired a whole new musical scene. It seems quite incredible that the Subhumans have managed to produce a record so encompassing of their musical careers, yet take that music to even higher levels. This 5th Fat Wreck Chords 'Live In A Dive' release has to rate as one of the best so far. Quite simply: we need more of this around!

Track Listing:-
1 All Gone Dead
2 Can't Hear the Words
3 Waste of Breath
4 It's Gonna Get Worse
5 Joe Public
6 Somebody's Mother
7 This Year's War
8 Apathy
9 Pigman
10 Animal
11 Peroxide
12 Businessmen
13 Subvert City
14 Rain
15 Reality is Waiting for a Bus
16 Nothing I Can Do
17 Wake up Screaming
18 Evolution
19 Parasites
20 No
21 Mickey Mouse is Dead
22 Society
23 Black and White
24 Religious Wars
25 Work-Rest-Play-Die
26 Drugs of Youth

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