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Heideroosjes - Chapter Eight-the Golden State

  by Alex Halls

published: 5 / 4 / 2007

Heideroosjes - Chapter Eight-the Golden State
Label: U-Turn
Format: CD


Splendid eighth album of political punk from under-rated Dutch band and fromer Epitaph signings Heideroosjes

The formidable Heideroosjes are back again, with 'Chapter Eight: The Golden State,' their eighth studio album. No longer on the Epitaph label, the Dutch Punks are now on U-Sonic, giving them greater flexibility over distribution but lacking some of Epitaph’s power and influence. Having never truly broken the American and British markets, this move will have little obvious impact. A recent re-release of tracks for the American market, on Royal to the Bone, increased awareness of the band outside Europe but Europe is where the hardcore of fans still remains, through continued success in the band’s native Holland and across the border in Belgium and Germany. Recorded in Los Angeles 'Chapter Eight' opens with the in-your-face 'What If', and hardly applies the brakes during its course. It is again clear that the band have matured, using every ounce of their musical knowledge to craft out another album full of energy, which is hard not to instantly be fired up by, when listening to. Political statements in 'Forgotten Continent', indicating Europe’s abandonment of Africa, in 'Shout Out for Freedom', which highlights Tibet’s plight, and 'All Your Government Does', which calls on Americans to make the right presidential choice in future, make 'Chapter Eight' as definitive as its predecessors. Previous albums touched more on European issues, with 2005’s 'SINema' marking the first foray into African issues. Heideroosjes have always had an affinity to their fans, best represented on 'Chapter Eight' by calling out to all lost souls, in the excellent 'Homesick', with its undeniably formidable line, “I’m homesick for a place… that does not exist.” Certainly a track that will be marked as one of the band’s very best. With guest appearances from Ignite vocalist Zoli Teglas and Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, Heideroosjes are expanding the range of styles used, even if 'Chapter Eight' is nothing near groundbreaking. Add the customary few tracks sung in the band’s native language: 'Lekker Belangrijk', 'Ik Zie Je Later (See you Later', and 'Ik Ben Niet Bang (I’m Not Frightened', which are, admittedly, the poppier tracks on the album, and Heideroosjes provide another release that current fans will rejoice about. Whether they pick up any new fans still remains to be seen. 'Chapter Eight' simply gets better over time. Each disc revolution increases the awe for the album, and few bands can claim to have managed that. Heideroosjes remain the best punk band on Europe’s mainland. There’s no doubting that. They’re still here for a reason: 'Chapter Eight' is testament

Track Listing:-
1 What If...
2 My Funeral
3 Lekker Belangrijk
4 Homesick for a Place That Does Not Exist
5 Buckle Up!
6 I Don't Wanna Wake Up
7 Ik Zie Je Later
8 All Your Government Does
9 Forgotten Continent
10 Ik Ben Niet Bang
11 Embrace & Destroy
12 Any Drug Will Do
13 Primeur! Terreur!
14 Cash is King
15 Shout Out For Freedom

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