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Fucked Up - Hidden World

  by Alex Halls

published: 4 / 1 / 2007

Fucked Up - Hidden World
Label: Jade Tree
Format: CD


Long awaited, but overlong debut album from depressed Canadian hardcore act, Fucked Up

Having been around for almost six years, Fucked Up have finally emerged from the underground. Signed to predominantly indie label, Jade Tree, this Canadian quintet release their first album: the thirteen track 'Hidden World'. More precisely, from Toronto, Fucked Up sport perhaps one of the least media friendly names, one which will leave parents unimpressed and their kids making a statement. Trouble is, Fucked Up’s previous statement came in the form of records emblazoned with Nazi imagery, a style they soon had to back down from. Even still, two members’ pseudonyms tell their own tale: Concentration Camp (guitar) and Mustard Gas (bass). With one member schizophrenic and two clinically depressed, Fucked Up use these illnesses in their favour as they really show in the sound. One can sense a moodiness and deeper link to music’s soul, with a quite clear artistic edge. 'Hidden World' feels like an experiment and it may well be supported by the fact that this was the band’s first taste of a decent recording studio, which became their playground and was earnestly transferred into the music. If you’re used to these guys bringing in most tracks in under two minutes then you’re in for a shock. Most are over five and some are up to ten minutes in duration, which stands in glaring contrast to their past of short EPs, for which they received much criticism. At 72 minutes long, there are just too many instrumental pieces. As a result you have to devote some serious time to cover the full length of this album, which won’t go down well with hardcore fans. With the album’s mood demonstrated most observably during the intro to Crusades, this very track’s ambience then moves into rock ‘n’ roll-esque guitaring before making its move into the roaring hardcore vocals. At times there are hints of Roger Miret in lead vocalist Pink Eyes’ singing and with lyrical content referring to politics and the bible, which make the album pretty intriguing, 'Hidden World' is an atmospheric trip into art and religion, without coming anywhere near to preaching. Whilst there’s nothing essentially wrong with 'Hidden World', it’s a little frustrating given its length. If only it were a good half hour shorter, without the scattered vocal "pauses", it might have made for a reasonable record. What’s more hardcore can become grating after a while and it certainly does here, even if some of the rock ‘n’ roll elements ease this slightly. 'Hidden World' presents something new to the hardcore scene which gives Fucked Up one really redeeming factor: they ain’t trite.

Track Listing:-
1 Crusades
2 David Comes To Life
3 Invisible Leader
4 Carried Out To The Sea
5 Baiting The Public
6 Fate Of Fates
7 Two Snakes
8 Hidden World
9 Manqueller Man
10 Blaze Of Glory
11 Triumph Of Life
12 Jacob's Ladder
13 Vivian Girls

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