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Jade Tree


Challenger (2004)

Give People What They Want
Debut album from American trio on the Jade Tree label, which should appeal to the skater generation

Denali (2002)

Uninventive debut CD from new group on Jade Tree label, which despite strong vocals, remains uninspiring

Despistado (2005)

The People Of And Their Verses
"Fabulous" debut album proper from Canadian act and recent Jade Tree signing Despitado, which combines the indie-dance approach popular in Britain with the gritty urbanisation of North American hardcore

Fucked Up (2007)

Hidden World
Long awaited, but overlong debut album from depressed Canadian hardcore act, Fucked Up

Loved Ones (2005)

Loved Ones
Energetic, but ordinary pop-punk on debut EP from new Jade Tree signing, the Loved Ones

One Line Drawing (2002)

Stripped down, but impressive folk solo project debut from Jonah Matranga, who also fronts emo group, New End Original

Paint It Black (2005)

Short sharp punchy punk on the Jade Tree label on second album from Paint It Black, which proves to be "like a shot of adrenalin straight to the heart"

Pedro The Lion (2001)

Winners Never Quit
With album titles like "It's Hard to Find a Friend", and "The Only Reason I Feel Secure", one can quickly get a sense of where Seattle native David Bazan (a.k.a. Pedro the Lion) is coming from. His

Pedro The Lion (2002)

Intimate but also aggressive third album and cautionary tale from the highly acclaimed Seattle musician David Bazan, who works under the moniker of Pedro the Lion

Snowden (2006)

Impressive debut album from Atlanta-based band Snowden, whose music falls somewhere between the Arcade Fire and interpol

Statistics (2004)

Leave Your Name
Eclectic indie rock from the solo project of Denver Dalley, , the guitarist and co-songwriter in the Desaparecidos and a prominent luminray in the Omaha scene

These Arms Are Snakes (2005)

Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope
Ultimately rewarding, but unfortunately heavily over produced debut album from These Arms are Snakes, the latest signing to the Jade Tree label

Various (2004)

Location Is Everything Volume 2
First rate sampler compilation from the Jade Tree label, which shows off most of the acts on the prolific Delaware label's vast roster



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Fiery Canadian indie rockers Despitado have recently signed to the Jade Tree label and have just released a six track EP, 'The Emergency Response' . Frontman Dagan Harding tells Ben Howarth of the down to earth ambitions of his band


Jade Tree
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After having spent over nearly a decade at the top with his alternative rock label Jade Tree, co-owner Darren Walters explains to Ben Howarth why other things, like a regular Friday night soccer game,have begun for him to take on increasing meaning

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