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Denali - Denali

  by Andy Snowball

published: 22 / 6 / 2002

Denali - Denali
Label: Jade Tree
Format: CD


Uninventive debut CD from new group on Jade Tree label, which despite strong vocals, remains uninspiring

An over-reliance on its best feature is the downfall of Denali’s self-titled debut. The haunting wail of the singer, Maura Davis, is simply not enough to carry this record, but that is the task it has been granted in the lack of any other elements to grab hold of. Maura’s soft, drawn-out tones are left to fend for themselves with little help from mundane, funereal-paced songs and anonymous music. It is barely noticeable, in fact, when the music stops and she is left to sing un-accompanied. The presence of Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous as the producer on two songs, 'Relief' and 'Time Away', does lift the album massively, as his austere production, characterised by trademark muffled percussion and pulsating, distorted strings, provides the record with its two best tracks. But, sadly, it isn’t enough to save the record, and, perversely, it is Linkous’s contribution which does the most damage, by showing up the rest of the record to be substandard. With Maura’s voice and a bit of inventiveness, Denali could really be something, but it’s not on this record.

Track Listing:-
1 French Mistake
2 You File
3 Lose Me
4 Everybody Knows
5 Prozac
6 Relief
7 Time Away
8 Gunner
9 Function
10 When I Landed

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