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Andy Snowball

Favourite Albums

Sonic Youth

In the latest in our Favourite Album series, in which one of our writers writes about an album of his or her choice, Andy Snowball looks at Sonic Youth's classic 1988 album , 'Daydream Nation'


Mc Mabon
Of Montreal
Action Spectacular

Occasionally affecting debut solo album from Welsh hip hop star, MC Mabon, which is destroyed by student humour
'Rubber Soul' inspired melodic pop from Elephant 6 long termers, Of Montreal, which, despite its members stubborn refusal to acknowledge the last 35 years of music, proves "irresistable"
"Witty, mocking and moving", but unfortunately "too knowingly flippant" debut album from much touted Sheffield five piece
Atmospheric new EP from New York group, reminiscent of both Mogwai and the Cure

I Am Robot And Proud

Uninventive debut CD from new group on Jade Tree label, which despite strong vocals, remains uninspiring
"Abominable" and pretentious new album from Montreal collective, who have been cited in some quarters as the future of hardcore
"Effervescent pop sparkle" on the debut album of Canadian electronics wizard, I am Robot and Proud
"Breezy" and "sunny", but not totally convincing second album from Welsh group with an Elephant 6 influence


Thoroughly disappointing debut release from Linkin Park influenced Welsh rockers
Disappointing and uninspiring electropop from Cologne-based group

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