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Of Montreal - Aldhils Arboretum

  by Andy Snowball

published: 2 / 11 / 2002

Of Montreal - Aldhils Arboretum
Label: Track And Field
Format: CD


'Rubber Soul' inspired melodic pop from Elephant 6 long termers, Of Montreal, which, despite its members stubborn refusal to acknowledge the last 35 years of music, proves "irresistable"

It probably wouldn’t be too presumptuous of me to suggest that Of Montreal quite enjoy listening to the sounds of a certain floppy-haired Liverpool combo in their prime. As one of the Elephant 6, erm, herd’s most idiosyncratic of bands they seem content to keep on re-writing 'Rubber Soul'. And after a few attempts they’re getting quite good at it. Displaying a single-minded refusal to innovate or try to hide their primary influence, they just keep on churning out sweet tunes and harmonies and meaningless lyrics – delivered with a distinctly Lennonesque whine – like a well-oiled and finely tuned pop production line. Fortunately, 'Aldhils Arboretum' manages to stay away from the insufferable tweeness that has afflicted previous efforts, although the record certainly has its moments (“Isn’t it nice living out in the country, it’s so nice to have a place of our own” like a playschool version of 'Wouldn’t It Be Nice'). The production has been beefed up too, so it all grates a little less. Now, I should be duty-bound to hate this, what with its stubborn refusal to acknowledge the last 35-odd years of music, but a cute hook is a cute hook and an album full is about 12 times as cute (do your own sums). Perhaps of Montreal aren’t the most essential band around, but in places this is just irresistable.

Track Listing:-
1 Doing Nothing
2 Old People In The Cemetery
3 Isn't It Nive
4 Jennifer Louise
5 The Blank Husband Epidemic
6 Pancakes For One
7 We Are Destroying The Song
8 An Ode To The Nocturnal Muse
9 Predictably
10 Sulkining Sara
11 Natalie And Effie In The Park
12 A Question For Emily Foreman
13 Kissing The Grass
14 Kid Without Claws
15 Death Dance Of Omipapas And Sons For You

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