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Track And Field


Broken Family Band (2004)

Jesus Songs
'Brilliantly catchy alt-country" from Cambridge, England based group, the Broken Family Band, back with a second album

Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern (2009)

Pram Town
Fantastic tenth album of weary suburban dissatisfaction from former Hefner frontman Darren Hayman, which, a concept record about the new town of Harlow in Essex, proves to be possibly the best album of his career

Dressy Bessy (2002)

Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
Breathtakingly "perfect" collection of " glistening pop gems " from Denver bubblegum quartet Dressy Bessy.

Dressy Bessy (2002)

Sound Go Round
"Timeless", but "infectious" second dose of summer pop from Cleveland quartet, Dressy Bessy

Dressy Bessy / Saloon (2002)

Split Release
"Compelling and inspired coupling" from two of the bands on the Track and Field label.

Finishing School (2003)

Destination Girl
Dreamy debut solo album from Ladybug Transistor / Essex Green member Sasha Bell, which brings back memories of the great 60's chanteuses

Great Lakes (2002)

Distance Between
Epic pysch pop from sprawling Elephant 6 inspired collective which features members of Marshmallow Coast, Elf Power and Of Montreal.

Homescience (2004)

Perfect pop harmonies on second album from Edinburgh's Homescience, which finds them gracefully coming of age

Homescience (2003)

Songs For Sick Days
Debut release on Track and Field label by Homescience, the project of Edinburgh's Andrew Ward, which, while inspired by the Beach Boys, the Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, hass uniquey individuality as well

Homescience (2003)

Songs For Sick Days
After Gary Wollen's complimentary review of last month, Maarten Schiethart puts his own slant on Homescience's "gem" of a debut album, 'Songs for Sick Days'

James William Hindle (2004)

Prospect Park
Stong second album from Yorkshire born balladeer, James William Hindle, who is backed on this by members of the Ladybug Transistor, the Essex Green, Sunshine Fix and Aden

Loves (2003)

Shake Yr Bones
Familiar, but comforting indiepop on new single from Cardiff group, the Loves

Loves (2004)

"Conciously retro", but "insanely catchy" indiepop on long-awaited debut from Cardiff's the Loves

Loves (2002)

Just Like Bobby D
"Audacious coalition of anything cool, sixties and underground" from former Inspiral Carpets' frontman Tom Hingley's new band, the Loves

Of Montreal (2004)

Satanic Panic In The Attic
Enjoyable summery pop, reminiscent of the Styrenes, on third album from Athens, Georgia based colelctive of Montreal, which includes various members of the Elephant 6 collective

Of Montreal (2002)

Aldhils Arboretum
'Rubber Soul' inspired melodic pop from Elephant 6 long termers, Of Montreal, which, despite its members stubborn refusal to acknowledge the last 35 years of music, proves "irresistable"

Of Montreal (2003)

Jennifer Louise
Patchy new single from Of Montreal, which serves as "another perfect example of the ups and downs of the Elephant Six-collective"

Saloon (2003)

If We Meet In The Future
Disappointing second album from the critically acclaimed Saloon, which, despite several fine point moments, proves to be "a just a little too over reminiscent" of their first album '(This is) What We Call Progress'

Saloon (2002)

This Is What We Call Progress
Beautiful, sparse and evocative debut album from English group from Reading with Galaxie 500 and Velvets American underground type sound, but whose influences also remain very much British and European

Tompaulin (2005)

Into The Black
Long awaited, but excellent second studio album from Blackburn five piece Tompaulin, which features appearances from the he Jesus and Mary Chain's Jim Reid and Ben Lurie

Tompaulin (2002)

Give Me A Riot In The Summer Time
Change in direction for the ever popular Tompaulin on their new EP, which has been produced by Freeheat members and former Jesus and Mary Chain stars, Jim Reid and Ben Lurie

Tompaulin (2004)

Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
Enjoyable second album from Blackburn-based indiepop group, Tompaulin, that collects together tracks from all their singles to date

Tyde (2001)

Although only adding tambourine in places, the presence of John ‘Twink’ Alder as a guest was enough to raise interest in this debut from LA’s The Tyde. ‘Twink’ played in the sixties pop-psych group T

Various Artists (2003)

Pow To The People
Excellent double CD compilation of British and American indiepop, which features all the bands that have appeared at the Track and Field label's regular gig nights over the last 5 years


Interview (2002)

Miscellaneous - Interview

Both a label and a club, the Track and Field Organisation is one of the most prolific of the current British independent indiepop labels. Co-owner Steven Drew talks to Olga Sladeckova about both its history and its future.



Dressy Bessy
Interview Dressy Bessy - Interview

Energetic, fun and playful, Dressy Bessy are about to release their new record 'Sound Go Round' on the Track and Field label. Olga Sladeckova chats to lead singer Tammy Ealon about the group's happy-go-lucky sound

Interview Loves - Interview

One of the rising stars of the Track and Field label, Cardiff's the Loves have recently released their second single 'Just Like Bobby D'. Gary Wollen is enraptured with their cool reckless charm and personable optimism

St Thomas
Interview St Thomas - Interview

Norwegian indie folk band St Thomas have just released their latest album, 'Let's Grow Together-The Comeback of St Thomas' on the Track and Field label. Philip Vincent talks to them about it and touring


Dressy Bessy
Live at the Betsey Trotwood, London Dressy Bessy - Live at the Betsey Trotwood, London

Denver bubblegum pop group Dressy Bessy recently finished a brief tour of Britain. Olga Sladeckova describes the tour's last night at the group's label Track and Field's own pub-club, the Betsey Trotwood, in London.

Monarch, London, 20/4/2003 T Factory - Monarch, London, 20/4/2003

Former JAMC star Jim Reid's band Freeheat recent show at the Camden Monarch, headlining the Track and Field label's "Pow ! to the People' festival, was their first London gig in over a year. Olga Sladeckova finds them to be on vibrant form

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