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T Factory - Monarch, London, 20/4/2003

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 17 / 4 / 2003

T Factory - Monarch, London, 20/4/2003


Former JAMC star Jim Reid's band Freeheat recent show at the Camden Monarch, headlining the Track and Field label's "Pow ! to the People' festival, was their first London gig in over a year. Olga Sladeckova finds them to be on vibrant form

Believe it or not it's been over a year since former Jesus and Mary Chain star Jim Reid's band Freeheat played London the last time. The Water Rats saw the band promoting their EP 'Retox' (released on Outafocus records) last February. Since then the band have played only a few times which was always abroad. On the 20th April 2003 Freeheat, however, return this time headlining 'Pow! to the People' an event run by Track & Field records. This year the event finds itself a home at the London Monarch in Camden Town. The whole upstairs venue and pub downstairs are reserved for Pow ! in all its different aspects. Some people have forgetten about life outside the venue and have happily drowned themselves not only in music, but also in alcohol. Do I need to say the names?... Below Freeheat on the line-up you could also find bands such as the Loves, Fonda 500, the Broken Family Band, Vermont and Sister Vanilla. The hall is packed when the clock strikes 9:30. Freeheat are set up for their performance to come. Oh! Now they are walking up the stage! "Are we all ready?" Jim asks the band who enthusiastically agree and serve us with the first song, 'Dead End Kids'. A sticker on Jim's guitar saying 'F***ed Up Sounds' argues with the great sound we get from the band tonight. The following 2 songs 'K Moon' and 'Get On Home' have the fans completely giving in to the music and getting off on dancing. The music slows down when Freeheat play 'Back On the Water'. Luckly I'm standing right under air-conditioning calming down the heat around me, while all 4 musicians sweat mercilessly with no shame. 'Shine On Little Star' comes the next. "I can't remember the words of this song" says Jim. "So here you go." He throws a paper with the lyrics on the floor and then adds laughing. "Oh! I forgot my glasses." The slow and quiet sound of the song at the beginning is very early on shifted with raw guitars. Their sound is extended by big amps standing behind the band, one of which carries a sign 'Jesus'. 'Facing Up To The Facts' is one of Freeheat most dense songs. Nick Sanderson, the drummer, claps his drums stick to start it off. The vigorous sound of guitar music almost scratchs the air. Most of the fans now can't stand still. The band close their set with 'The Two Of Us'. "I've met a girl / she was crazy about me / " sings Jim which bassist Romi Morilater matches by singing "I've met a boy he was crazy about me/ and all my friends say he is the other part of me." During the song the lights are turned down with bright lighting effect moving behind them. You just know this band belongs to some big venue. The times of the Jesus & Mary Chain are gone. We still have those great musicians right in front of us. So keep your eyes open because the stars are just lighting up. Set List: Dead End Kids K Moon Get On Home What Goes Around Back On The Water Shine On Little Star The Story So Far Facing Up To The Facts Virtually Unreal F***ked Up Lover The 2 Of Us The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Bob Stuart and originally appeared on his website www.underexposed.com

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T Factory - Monarch, London, 20/4/2003

T Factory - Monarch, London, 20/4/2003

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