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Various Artists - Pow To The People

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 13 / 7 / 2003

Various Artists - Pow To The People
Label: Track And Field
Format: CDS


Excellent double CD compilation of British and American indiepop, which features all the bands that have appeared at the Track and Field label's regular gig nights over the last 5 years

To me, the name Track & Field mostly brings back memories of the golden age of the 80’s, when my brother and I would sit for hours in front of our Commodore 64-computer, playing the game with that very name, abusing the joysticks until they wouldn’t co-operate anymore. But to most other people in the indiepop scene, the name probably makes them think about that London-based label, who also arranges great gig nights. And to tell the truth, that may be just as well, as that computer game wasn’t very good. Now, to celebrate the fact that the Track & Field nights have attracted a lot of great bands and a large number of London indie popsters, the label has released this 2 CD compilation, featuring bands that have participated in those gig nights at some time from 1999 onwards. And just take a look at that playlist! Comet Gain! The Aislers Set! The Ladybug Transistor! The Essex Green! The Clientele! It’s a shame that I live in Sweden… but on the other hand, those bands have a tendency to show up here too, so I’m not that crushed by that fact. Most the of the songs here are previously unreleased, or at least released on out-of-print singles, compilations etc. which makes it more interesting that if it would have been the “hit singles”, “hit single” being a weird phrase to use among these bands. Sadly. The Comet Gain song, 'Look at You, Now You’re Crying' sounds like something off their latest album, 'Realistes', and it’s a great track. The Ladybug Transistor cover the classic Jimmy Webb-tune 'Galveston', and does it well, of course. On the second CD, we find another cover version, the Loves’ rendition of Daniel Johnston’s 'True Love Will Find You in the End', and among all the versions I have heard of this song, I must say that this is the one I find least interesting. I prefer Milky Wimpshake’s cover of it, really. Of course, there are some names that are new to me, and also some that I have heard of, but never before actually heard. Among those new names we find a band which call theselves Herman Dune. Their song 'Watch and Smile' really gets to me, and I have found myself listening to it over and over again. I think I will have to check out this group some more… All in all, it’s a great compilation of English and American indiepop, and actually, to tell you the truth, this double-CD is worth it’s money just for The Aislers Set’s fantastic song 'Hey lover', which was previously released on a split single with The How a couple of years ago.

Track Listing:-
1 Birdie – Golden Image
2 Great Lakes– Sister City (Norway Mix)
3 Of Montreal– Everything About Her Is Wrong
4 Comet Gain– Look At You Now You're Crying
5 The Butterflies Of Love– Mount Everest
6 Mid State Orange– The Boy Who Dropped His Omelette
7 Dressy Bessy– Hangout Wonderful
8 Kicker– Tomorrow Always Comes
9 The Aislers Set– Hey Lover
10 The Ladybug Transistor– Galveston
11 Ashley Park– Town And Country IV
12 The Essex Green– Pack Up Your Troubles
13 Woodchuck– Hang On
14 The Amazing Pilots– You Make Me Feel Amazing
15 Fonda 500– Magic Sunshine Butterfly
16 Olympic Lifts– Kickstyle
17 I Am The World Trade Center– The Postcard
18 Saloon– Across The Great Divide (Version)
19 Vermont – Annabel
20 Cane 141– The Grand Lunar
21 Homescience– The Mother Superior Teardrop Factory
22 The Tyde– How Am I Supposed 2
23 The Clientele– Step Into The Light
24 Herman Dune– Watch And Smile
25 Tompaulin– Short Affairs (Version)
26 The Loves– True Love Will Find You In The End
27 James William Hindle– You Will Be Safe
28 Black Nielson– Our Little Family Of Bears

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