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James William Hindle - Prospect Park

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 3 / 3 / 2004

James William Hindle - Prospect Park
Label: Track And Field
Format: CD


Stong second album from Yorkshire born balladeer, James William Hindle, who is backed on this by members of the Ladybug Transistor, the Essex Green, Sunshine Fix and Aden

Prospect Park just happens to be a road that I walk through every single day on my way to university, and whilst I would be very surprised if it’s got anything to do with the titling of this album, it did draw my attention towards it. The Exeter Prospect Park is a very nice road with lots of trees in a very shabby area, and the James William Hindle album is a very nice album escaping from a sea of pretentious indie twaddle. Though there is seemingly nothing much to the album, it is quite catchy and just keeps on calling you back for more plays. It really benefits from a lot of hard work. It is apparent that a lot of work has gone into structuring the album and making sure there is plenty of variety. It also helps that filler is kept to a minimum. James Hindle is backed on this by by members of several key figures of the indie scene, like the Ladybug Transistor, the Essex Green, Sunshine Fix and Aden. This gives it quite a strange sound, a mixture of indie pop with alt country and lo fi. Having said that, whilst the varied setting is a nice back up, it is the melodic songwriting that really sets this apart. Certainly an album that can be listened to over and over again, it is really very classy stuff. A must for all indie kids!

Track Listing:-
1 You Will Be Safe
2 Come Down Slowly
3 Leaving Trains
4 Hoboken
5 Country Song
6 The Great Woodland Summer
7 Doubt
8 Hollow Bodies
9 Shadows Cast A Lie
10 Celebration
11 Park Slope Song

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