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Homescience - Songs For Sick Days

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 12 / 2 / 2003

Homescience - Songs For Sick Days
Label: Track And Field
Format: CD


After Gary Wollen's complimentary review of last month, Maarten Schiethart puts his own slant on Homescience's "gem" of a debut album, 'Songs for Sick Days'

Edinburgh's Homescience saw their modest masterpiece drown in the flood of pre-Christmas releases. 'Songs for Sick Days' is more refined in its composition. On their Pickled Egg Records debut EP, 'End of the Year', Homescience carried less melody and showed more do it yourself attitude. Two years on the combo offers two hands full of short stories, acoustic sketches and even some radio friendly songs. 'Helium Balloons' is a fine slab of clacking folk-pop. It'is the sound of wimps actually coming on strong . Homescience leave with the place smashed up real good. 'Burn What's Left' is a quote from one of the next tracks and this illustrates to us exactly how Homescience are serious about what they sing and perform. 'Songs for Sick Days' isn't about cheap excuses; instead the album is highly volatile and it should, therefore, get Chris Martin fromr Coldplay's recommendation. ' Songs for Sick Days' is a real gem. Please mind that I hardly ever write that.

Track Listing:-
1 Little Wings
2 Don't Shirk
3 Soup And America
4 Livin Whiskey
5 Helium Balloons
6 Ride Your Crocodile And Burn What's Left
7 Please Let Me Down
8 Howard Hughes Song
9 Mart In
10 Flying Party
11 So Long Baby
12 Volcanoes
13 Brother
14 Heart Of Ape
15 Let's Make A Pact
16 Trains Work Hard But Slow
17 Complete Train Kit
18 Houseplants

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