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Dressy Bessy - Interview

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 21 / 3 / 2002

Dressy Bessy - Interview


Energetic, fun and playful, Dressy Bessy are about to release their new record 'Sound Go Round' on the Track and Field label. Olga Sladeckova chats to lead singer Tammy Ealon about the group's happy-go-lucky sound

Energetic, fun, gleeful, playful, innocent, summery, exuberant... those are all words that people have used to describe the music of the Denver based indie-pop group Dressy Bessy. Dressy Bessy features Rob Green on bass, Darren Albert on drums and John Hill (who is also a member of the Apples in Stereo) on guitar and are fronted by singer Tammy Ealon (formerly of the 40th Day and Minders). Shortly after the band got together in 1997, they released their first record, a 7" EP 'Ultra Vivid Color'. After this record proved a great success, Dressy Bessy followed it with a second EP 'California' and then an album 'Pink Hearts Yellow Moons' which was released in America on the Kindercore label in 1999. In 2001 the band came to the attention of the London based independent indie record label Track & Field who, after label boss Steven Drew saw them in concert, gave 'Pink Hearts Yellow Moons' a British release. The band have recently completed work on a second album 'Sound Go Round', which again has been released on Track & Field and Kindercore. An animated video for "That's Why', a single from it, has also recently debuted on MTV Canada. In an interview with Pennyblackmusic , Tammy Ealon talked about the new album and the group's increasing success. PB: Tammy, you used to be in 40th Day and Minders. What kind of music did they play and what were your main reasons for leaving them? TE: 40th Day was my first ever band. I sang for them. They had been around 10 years and been through 3 lead singers when I joined. Personality and lack of leadership were the reasons I hung it up. Everyone sort of did what they wanted, whether the part fitted the song or not. The Minders were next. I had recently picked up a guitar and begun writing my own songs. There wasn't room for two songwriters in the group. PB: Were any of the other members of the band in any other groups before Dressy Bessy formed? TE: John was and still is a member of the Apples In Stereo. PB: How did Dressy Bessy first get together? TE: I met Darren at a local record store in the fall of 1996. He and long time chum Rob Greene had just landed in Colorado enroute to California from New York City. We got to talking and discovered we both loved making music. I met up with them the next day to share a few songs I had recently written. They both liked them so much that the next day Rob bought a bass and Darren a drum kit. The rest is history. John joined shortly after, lending his lead guitar talents. PB: Why Dressy Bessy? TE : You mean the name? I don't know, we tossed a few dumb ones around and settled on Dressy Bessy. We are named after a teaching doll. PB : Which record label did you first release your music on and how did you get in touch with Kindercore Records ? TE: After self-releasing a 7" in '97, an English label called Drugracer contacted us with interest in releasing an LP. We didn't have enough songs recorded at the time and agreed to release the 3 songs from the 7" plus four more. By the time that came out we had an album's worth of material and made tapes of the recordings and sent them out to friends.One of those friends handed a tape over to Kindercore. They liked the songs and offered to release a record. We said okay and named it 'Pink Hearts Yellow Moons'. PB: When did you first become involved with Track & Field ? TE: Just recently. They were fans first and then licensed 'Pink Hearts Yellow Moons' and released it last September . They are also about to release our newest record 'Sound Go Round' They're great guys,and it's a great label! PB: How do you collaborate on writing music and lyrics? Is there a specific way of doing it each time or does everyone in the band contribute towards each song in a definite way ? TE: When I sit down to write a song, I have a definite idea as to how it should sound. I usually start with a cassette 4 tracks, my guitar and sometimes a keyboard and a click track. Once I get the melody worked out, I take it to band practice. We work the rest out together. PB: All your songs are relatively short. Is that intentional? Why do you never write long songs? TE : I think our songs all end where and as they should. It's not intentional. We've tried to lengthen some songs just for the sake of lengthening them, but end up with the original arrangement. I hate it when a song could be great, but then it goes on and on... PB: You have just finished touring Europe and the USA? How did you enjoy the experience? Were you satisfied with the tour? TE: Yeah, we just got back from Europe! The tour was amazing. Every single show was great! We are about to head out on another trip around the US and can't wait! We love to tour! PB: Do you see your new album 'Sound Go Round',as typical "Dressy Bessy music"? TE: It's Dressy Bessy all the way. We produced and recorded it all on our own and think it best captures our live sound! We're all very happy with it! PB: Will you tour with the new album? If so, where do you hope to go? TE: We want to do lots of touring! We plan to head back to Europe this August to play some festivals and other records. PB: What are your other plans for the near future? TE: I have to say the near future is pretty booked up with touring right now. Soon I suppose we'll start a new record... PB: How would you want people to feel when they hear your music? TE: Wowed! PB: Would you want to change anything about your music in the future? TE: No. PB: Do you have any message to send to your fans? TE: We love you! Look for us to come through your town. PB : Thank you

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Dressy Bessy - Interview

Dressy Bessy - Interview

Dressy Bessy - Interview

Dressy Bessy - Interview

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