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Wendykurk - Freckles

  by Andy Snowball

published: 27 / 3 / 2002

Wendykurk - Freckles
Label: Ankst
Format: CDS


Thoroughly disappointing debut release from Linkin Park influenced Welsh rockers

The frontwoman here growls, groans and occasionally screams through the four songs offered here. On the opener, ‘Who Cut My Endorphins’, pretty much the first decipherable words to come out of her talentless (and hoarse) throat are "it’s all so fucking pointless." Damn right! This formulaic, unoriginal, laughable demonstration of how to tap into a prosperous market is a cliché-ridden embarrassment. Perhaps adolescent Linkin Park fans will be impressed by how she’s bravely laid her emotions out for us all to sympathise with, and they may even be able to, like, relate to it, dude. But anyone intelligent enough to understand the audacity required to record such an insipid sentiment and attempt to pass it off as something worth buying will rightly file Wendykurk under hapless yet painfully sincere no-hopers and turn to a copy of ‘Bleach‘ instead.

Track Listing:-
1 Who Cut My Endorphins
2 Violet Introspection
3 Freckles
4 I Am A Peach

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