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Loved Ones - Build and Burn

  by Alex Halls

published: 5 / 3 / 2008

Loved Ones - Build and Burn
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Format: CD


Accessible punked up rock 'n' roll on eclectic second album from Philadelphia group, the Loved Ones

Philadelphia’s Loved Ones return with 'Build and Burn,' the follow-up to the successful 2006 debut, Keep Your Heart, which marked the band’s introduction to the scene, aided by the Fat Wreck label. Founded late 2003, the Loved Ones replaced and added members three years later to form a tight-knit foursome, all already friends. The quartet, whose line-up includes former Paint it Black guitarist, Dave Hause, now also on vocals, serve up a further ten tracks of punked up rock ‘n’ roll that more than live up to expectations. 'Build and Burn' ensures it doesn’t categorize itself, even if journalistic tendency prevails. Whilst the band pull off the harmonies with ease, the real satisfaction comes from the album’s more intense moments. It’s clear where the roots are, even if 'Build and Burn' has been shifted down one gear. Unconventional instruments, such as the organ, harmonica and accordion are present, but there’s no denying the presence of the guitars. 'Keep Your Heart' had to make do with just the one lead (Hause’s); however classy tracks such as Build and Burn’s 'The Inquirer' clearly demonstrate the benefit of having two. Unafraid of dipping into melody, the Loved Ones regularly create a light, engaging atmosphere. Evident in the inspirational Louisiana, one of the later tracks, the Loved Ones immerse themselves in the state’s rich musical background to offer a folk-laced call for those affected by Hurricane Katrina not to give up hope of returning life to normal. There are also more personal themes running through 'Build and Burn' as Hause references relationships coming to an end, love-led apologies and never-ending affection. 'I Swear' fits into this theme, drawing firmly on the latter in more than honest fashion. A great choice as finale, there’s no doubting the effect would be replicated live. Despite 'Build and Burn' being a might slower than its predecessor, the Loved Ones never forget the importance of heavier moments. What actually results is an easy-going album that may appeal more to the masses than others in the genre. That’s not to say it’s commercial. Rather, it strikes a balance that simply makes it accessible to a wider population, both young and old. With some well thought out instrumentals, this 30 minute foray into more mature song writing works a treat. It’s difficult not to get excited about it all, even if it might go either way for fans of the debut.

Track Listing:-
1 Pretty Good Year
2 The Inquirer
3 The Bridge
4 Sarah's Game
5 Brittle Heart
6 Selfish Masquerade
7 3rd Shift
8 Louisiana
9 Dear Laura
10 I Swear

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