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Fat Wreck Chords


Chixdiggit (2005)

Pink Razors
Catchy, inanely fine pop punk from Canadian punks Chixdiggit ! back after a four year hiatus, and which includes its own director’s commentary

Loved Ones (2008)

Build and Burn
Accessible punked up rock 'n' roll on eclectic second album from Philadelphia group, the Loved Ones

Mad Caddies (2004)

Live From Toronto : Songs In The Key Of Eh
Excellent new live album from ska punks the Mad Caddies, which proves to be essentially a greatest hits package

Only Crime (2004)

To The Nines
Powerful debut album from new hardcore punk supergroup, Only Crime, which includes in its line-up Russ Rankin from Good Riddance and Bill Stevenson from the Descendents and Black Flag

Various (2004)

Rock Against Bush Vol 2
Eclectic second Bush-bashing compilation on the Fat Wreck punk label, which betters the first album in the series, and which features unreleased and rare tracks from the likes of Green Day, No Doubt, the Foo Fighters and the Lawrence Arms

Various (2004)

Rock Against Bush Vol. 1
Possibly commerically exploitative punk compilation, which mixes together exclusive and already recorded tracks, and features the likes of Sum 41, the Ataris, Pennywise, NOFX and Less Than Jake



None More Black
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Now signed to Fat Wreck Chords, None More Black is the new project of former Kid Dynamite frontman Jason Shevchuck. Anastasia Grabov speaks to them backstage on the London date of their first ever European tour about their debut album, 'File Under Black'

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