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Mad Caddies - Live From Toronto : Songs In The Key Of Eh

  by Anastasia Grabov

published: 17 / 10 / 2004

Mad Caddies - Live From Toronto : Songs In The Key Of Eh
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Format: CD


Excellent new live album from ska punks the Mad Caddies, which proves to be essentially a greatest hits package

The Mad Caddies keep driving the ska train forward , exploring all angles,using all influences and weaving in all manner of themes. Be it piratecore, speakeasy jazz, or reggae they are undoubtedly imaginative enough to give any style a magic makeover and transform it into something the youth can skank along to, and feel great doing it. Despite denying the ska punk label that's been pinned onto them by their PR and most music journalists, including myself, there is little scope to describe them as anything else. This new album, recorded live, is really a 'Best Of' comprising of their best tunes, mainly from the 2003 'Just One More' and 1998 'Duck and Cover' releases. These include 'Monkeys,' 'Contraband,' and my personal favourite 'Road Rash.' There's not going to be anything you haven't heard before if you're already a fan, though the sleeve does fold out into a kitsch circus style poster; always a bonus! If you're not yet a fan you might have missed the ska heyday by a good 10 years, but who's counting anyway. It can't be denied that the 'Caddies do the best live shows their label Fat Wreck have to offer. This could serve as a great pre gig warm up or just something to help recreate the magic in your own living room. Either way, turn it up.

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Macho Nachos
3 10 West
4 Leavin
5 Weird Beard
6 No Hope
7 Contraband
8 Monkeys
9 Days Away/The Bell Tower/Popcorn/Days Away
10 The Gentleman
11 Villains
12 Last Breath
13 Mary Melody
14 Drinking For 11
15 Preppie Girl
16 Mum's The Word
17 Road Rash
18 Silence
19 All American Badass

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