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Anastasia Grabov



Californian punks Lagwagon were the first band to sign to seminal punk label Fat Wreck Records. Singer Joey Cape talks to Ana Grabov about his ongoing loyalty to the label, his band's longevity and his two side projects

Bad Religion
Funeral For A Friend

25 years on from first forming American Californian punks Bad Religion still continue to hold relevance with modern generations. Ana Grabov talks to bassist Jay Bentley about why politics and religion continue to have a lasting influence on their music
Funeral for a Friend have had five Top 40 singles and two bestselling albums, but success has not come entirely smoothly. Guitarist Darren Smith talks to Ana Grabov about their new album 'Hours' and the reality of life on the road
One of the biggest acts on the Epitaph label, Pennywise are currently on a world tour. Guitarist Fletcher Dragge speaks to Anastasia Grabov about his battles with authority, the death of punk rock and what it's really like to "live the dream"

Anti Flag

Hard rockers The Glitterati have recently released their self-titled debut album and have just had their first Top 40 hit.. At a Southampton gig guitarist Nic Denson talks to Anastasia Grabov about his groups's sudden rise
Now signed to Fat Wreck Chords, None More Black is the new project of former Kid Dynamite frontman Jason Shevchuck. Anastasia Grabov speaks to them backstage on the London date of their first ever European tour about their debut album, 'File Under Black'
Anti-Flag are one of the most political of all the big names on the current punk circuit. On their latest album 'The Terror State' they have turned their fury on George Bush. Frontman Justin Sane tells Anastasia Grabov his philosophy of life
Santa Barbara-based group Lagwagon have been one of the most durable punk bands of the last decade. Ana Grabov chats to bassist Jesse Buglione about their long career and new album, 'Blaze'

Good Riddance
My Favourite Co-pilot

Good Riddance were one of the big names on the punk circuit a few years ago, but have more recently a far adopted lower profile. Ana Grabov, talking to lead singer Russ Rankin , finds that they haven't broken up. Only their circumstances have changed
Motion City Soundtrack's debut album 'I am the Movie' was one of the most acclaimed punk releases of last year. Backstage at the London Astoria, Anastasia Grabov chats to guitarist Joshua Cain and drummer Tony Thacker
Rising Emo punk band My Favourite Co-Pilot has just released its first album 'South Drive'. The trio speaks to Ana Grabov in midst tour about the pros and cons of having abandoned their day jobs, and good and bad reviews
Increasingly prolific, California's the Mad Caddies perceive their music to be an intriguing blend of punk rock, reggae, Dixieland jazz, and ska. Ana Grabov chats to Mark Iverson backstage at the London Astoria about their new album

Favourite Albums


In the latest in our Favourite Albums series, in which a different member of our writing team examines a favourite album each month, Anastasia Grabov writes about the Pixies 'Surfer Rosa'


Hunter S. Thompson

Outlandish writer and author, and inspiration to countless music journalists, Hunter S. Thompson shot himself on the 20th February. Jon Rogers looks back on his turbulent life


Bad Machines

Slightly unnecessary new single, taken from their 'No Wow' album, from London/New York anti-heroes The Kills
Diverse intelligent pop on debut album from new duo Bad Machines, one half who is based in Brixton, and the other half who is situated in Sydney
Timely re-release of 2002 debut album by violin-playing American pop punks Yellowcard, whose second record 'Ocean Avenue'' went gold in the States last year
Second album from British-American duo the Kills, who have taken influences such as Warhol, the Beats, the Velvet Underground and Edie Sedgewick, and recaptured them into "a kind of cool that seems to now be missing"

Mad Caddies
Motion City Soundtrack

Excellent new live album from ska punks the Mad Caddies, which proves to be essentially a greatest hits package
Oddly compelling and addictive emo punk from latest Epitaph signings, Motion City Soundtrack
Satisfying charity double CD compilation "featuring a fine selection of punk anthems, aggressive heavy metal, and...melodic indie tracks"

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