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Motion City Soundtrack - I Am The Movie

  by Anastasia Grabov

published: 29 / 9 / 2003

Motion City Soundtrack - I Am The Movie
Label: Epitaph Records
Format: CD


Oddly compelling and addictive emo punk from latest Epitaph signings, Motion City Soundtrack

I'll be honest. The first time I heard this CD it didn't leave much of an impression. Maybe my brain just translated it as another Weezer album and I stopped listening. It could easily have even been Jimmy Eat World, especially the third track; 'The Future Freaks Me Out.' It's that "oh oh oh." It's that keyboard sound that suddenly surprises you in the middle of a rock tune, and makes you think "where have I heard this before?...Oh yea, Weezer" I should have given up there and then, and thrown the darn thing away, because after a while nonchalance turned to craving. And that's where craving took over. The tunes are catchy but short. So short you kind of miss them when they're over. And when the album's done it's run you'll have to put it back on again, taken over by a strange feeling you must have missed something. And you will have done because at every listen lyrics pop out at you like you've never heard them before. The more I hear them the more I want to know what it's all about. Strangely nostalgic, it's not about being a rock star but about the dream of it. Justin Pierre's voice proves its versatility, soothingly melodic one minute, coarse and agitated the next. Vocals combined with numerous instruments- bells, whistles and a tambourine among others make an appearance- make a sound that's a pleasure to drown in. It's that big reminder that instead of dismissing it as 'another one of those' we should actually listen. Listen to this and it'll drill it's way deep into your head for a good week. In a pleasant way of course.  

Track Listing:-
1 Cambridge
2 Shiver
3 The Future Freaks Me Out
4 Indoor Living
5 My Favorite Accident
6 Perfect Teeth
7 Boombox Generation
8 Don't Call It A Comeback
9 Modern Chemistry
10 Capital H
11 Red Dress
12 Mary Without Sound
13 Autographs & Apologies
14 A-Ok
15 My Favorite Accident

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