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Epitaph Records


1208 (2004)

Turn Of The Screw
Excellent pop punk from Californian quartet, 1208, who appropriately bill themselves as a "a rock and roll life raft in a scene increasingly littered with mallpunk junk"

Agnostic Front (2001)

Dead Yuppies
Agnostic Front’s new album, ‘Dead Yuppies’, is the finest release of old-school style punk this year. With their fast-paced guitars, Agnostic Front relive the sounds of old, and also include in their

Bad Religion (2007)

Maps of Hell
Intelligent and outspoken punk on fourteenth album from the ever reliable Bad Religion.

Bad Religion (2013)

Christmas Songs
Effective Christmas covers album from durable American hard rock band, Bad Religion

Beatsteaks (2004)

Smack Smash
Enthusiastic and entertaining punk rock from German punks and Epitaph signings the Beatsteaks

Bouncing Souls (2001)

Melodic sounds and a voice that blends with extreme ease provide us with the Bouncing Souls' single release 'Gone'. Straying not from the genuine punk feel, 'Gone' encompasses a new softer line that n

Converge (2009)

Axe to Fall
First-rate seventh album from Massachusetts-based hardcore act Converge, which proves itself to be one of their most accessible albums to date

Day Of Contempt (2005)

Will To Live
Familar-sounding hardcore on third album from "Metal with Eyeliner" act Day of Contempt

De Heideroosjes (2004)

Multiicultural and magnificent ninth album from Dutch punks De Heideroosjes which finds them both capturing the essence of European spirit and culture, and combining this with South African rap and tribal singing

Death By Stereo (2005)

Death For Life
'Brutal powerhouse of metallic hardcore energy" and "an essential purchase for metal-heads and hardcore fanatics" from hard rock tour de force Death by Stereo

Deviates (2001)

Time Is The Distance
The Deviates are leading the next generation of punk rock with their noticeable appetite for energy-charged music, well-crafted songs and meaningful lyrics. The punk sound of Brian (Vocals), Charley

Distillers (2002)

Sing Sing Death House
Raw and abrasive, and here to put "the punk back into punk-rock", the Distillers, who are fronted by Brody Armstrong, wife of Rancid's Tim Armstrong, prove that there is still more to the genre these days than just "goofy dances and childish humour".

Draft (2006)

In a Million Pieces
Instantly accessible debut album from US punk/hardcore/emo rockers the Draft, which inlcudes in its line-up members of Hot Water Music

Guttermouth (2002)

"Chirpy" and "droll" latest album from long serving American punks, Guttermouth

Guttermouth (2001)

She's Got the Look
Currently one of the biggest underground scenes around, in both the UK and America, skate-punk is growing ever more popular, especially since bands like Blink 182, The Offspring and Green Day became c

Guttermouth (2004)

Eat Your Face
Objectionable new album from long-serving California punks, which replaces the band's previous comic emphasis with idiocy

Horrorpops (2004)

Hell Yeah
Variable eclectic guitar rock from Danish group Horrorpops, who "sound like a rockabilly No Doubt at their best, but at their worst as if the Flintstones formed a band"

Hot Water Music (2002)

"Incredible" second album on the Epitaph label from the much admired hardcore group, Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music (2004)

The New What Next
Stunning new album from much acclaimed hardcore/emo revolutionaries, Hot Water Music, bound to enthrall indie and alternative rock fans the world over

I Am Ghost (2008)

Those We Leave Behind
Camply melodramatic, but entertaining emo metal on fast and punchy second album from Californian quintet, I am Ghost

Matchbook Romance (2003)

Stories And Alibis
Technically imperfect, but thoroughly enjoyable debut offering from Matchbox Romance, the latest singings to the Epitaph label

Matchbook Romance / Motion City Soundtrack (2004)

Matchbook Romance / Motion City Soundtrack
Split EP from American punk acts, Motion City Soundtrack and Matchbook Romance, which finds them partially successfully going unplugged

Miret Roger And The Di (2002)

Roger Miret & The Di
Forceful, " formidable" debut offering from the new side project of Agnostic Front frontman Roger Miret

Motion City Soundtrack (2003)

I Am The Movie
Oddly compelling and addictive emo punk from latest Epitaph signings, Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack (2003)

My Favourite Accident
Slow-burning, impressive punk from latest Epitaph signing, Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack (2007)

Even If It Kills Me
Clichéd and overly derivative pop punk on third album from the much hyped Motion City Soundtrack

New Bomb Turks (2001)

Nightmare Scenario
This is the latest offering from The New Bomb Turks since their switch to Epitaph in 1997. These lads have been together for something like a decade now, and they are easily the coolest band on that

Os Mutantes (2009)

Haih Or Amortecedor
Enthralling first album in thirty five years from controversial Brazilian psyschedelic revolutionaries Os Mutantes, who reveeal that they have lost none of their sense of rebellion and intellectual confrontation

Our Last Night (2008)

The Ghosts Among Us
Flawed, but also promising debut album from much derided American hardcore act, Our Last Night

Pennywise (2003)

From The Ashes
Earnest eighth album from passionate Californian punk rockers Pennywise, that proves to be a return to form

Rancid (2009)

Let the Dominoes Fall
Memorable, politically-charged seventh album from durable Californian-based punks, Rancid

Roger Miret And The Disasters (2005)

Excellent second album of street punk from Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret's new project, the Disasters

Sage Francis (2007)

Human the Death Dance
Latest album from the ever controversial Sage Francis, which finds him breaking out of the over-crowded American hip-hop genre with his most accessible record to date

Some Girls (2005)

Heaven's Pregnant Teens
Compellingly brutal and violent debut album from hardcore supergroup, which includes members of The Locust, Swing Kids, Give Up the Ghost, Over My Dead Body and The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower

Story of the Year (2008)

Wake Up
Enjoyable, but insubstantial and formulaic first single from hardcore rockers Story of the Year's much hyped third album, 'The Black Swan'

Thursday (2009)

Common Existence
Stunning return to form from emo veterans Thursday which proves to be their best album to date

Tom Waits (2004)

Real Gone
Second-rate new album of "dust-blown desert whines and Mississippi delta blues" from the much acclaimed Tom Waits, which, despite occasional brighter moments, proves to be a major disappointment

Transplants (2013)

In a Warzone
Much maligned but thoroughly enjoyable third album and first new release in eight years from American punk rock group the Transplants, the side project of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong

Vanna (2007)

Explosive, if occasionally contrived debut album from New England-based metal/post-hardcore act Vanna

Various (2005)

Punk-o-rama 10
Latest CD in Epitaph's long-running and good quality Punk-O-Rama series, which finds the label shifting from its original values and incorporating elements of rap

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