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Miret Roger And The Di - Roger Miret & The Di

  by Alex Halls

published: 1 / 9 / 2002

Miret Roger And The Di - Roger Miret & The Di
Label: Epitaph Records
Format: CD


Forceful, " formidable" debut offering from the new side project of Agnostic Front frontman Roger Miret

This self-titled album from Roger Miret and The Disasters sees the Agnostic Front frontman develop his ‘side-project’ into a formidable force. In a less hardcore style, Roger Miret turns the familiar tones of Agnostic Front into a more tuneful outfit. Sounding more like The Clash at times, the street-punk of the Disasters leaves the listener’s mouth watering for more of the intense flavours that Miret conjures up on this debut offering. Opening track, 'Run Johnny Run', gives a clear indication of the power that the album is about to unleash. Releasing a tirade of dynamism and snappy vocals, Roger Miret teams his ensemble with every song towards a perfect ending. Each track is short, direct and to the point. 'Kiss Kiss Kill Kill' uses a piano to excellent effect at the start of the track, almost emulating Jools Holland, and makes what is only the first reference to New York on the album. The chirpy 'Boys Will Be Boys' catalogues what boys get up to in lurid , perfect detail, and has the football chant of ‘Olé’; familiar to European stadia, in its chorus. 'Punch the Clock' is undeniably the best song on the album, with its glorious punk backing vocals and a guitar that will subdue even the most restless of souls. Roger Miret manages to construct the most magnificent of guitar solos and general riffs, making use of the skills of each of his fellow band members. 'Just Us' is the ultimate hardcore punk anthem and rolls towards an end of album that is as impressive as its beginning. The album concludes with the anthemic 'New York Belongs To Me', which looks admiringly at the unity and strength of New Yorkers. It is occasionally difficult to distinguish between Agnostic Front and the Disasters as the vocals have similarities. The positive side to this is that of all the similarities Miret could have brought over, his booming voice and the exquisite, polished way in which he broadcasts his vocals are the most distinct, and likely to be the most engaging with the audience. Miret will doubtlessly recruit his loyal following to bask in the splendour of his newalternative musical agenda and doubtlessly they will follow with open arms.

Track Listing:-
1 Run Johnny Run
2 Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
3 Give 'Em The Boot
4 Radio, Radio
5 It's Alright
6 Boys Will Be Boys
7 Screw You
8 Smash It Up
9 Punch The Clock
10 Gal Friend
11 Just Us
12 Breakaway
13 Look At Me
14 New York Belongs To Me

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