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Guttermouth - Eat Your Face

  by Alex Halls

published: 22 / 7 / 2004

Guttermouth - Eat Your Face
Label: Epitaph Records
Format: CD


Objectionable new album from long-serving California punks, which replaces the band's previous comic emphasis with idiocy

'Gusto', Guttermouth’s 2002 release' marked a radical change in the band’s fortunes. That very album contained every part of Guttermouth’s carefree attitude to punk but for the very first time the band had managed a reliable album that flowed from start to finish. 'Eat Your Face' unfortunately undoes some of the good work as it appears more frantic, cruder and the singing has become more distorted so that, at times, the lyrics become unrecognisable. Guttermouth have often stated their knack of changing their style from album to album and 'Eat Your Face' is no different. The actual music is better than ever in places, but it now appears that the emphasis is on idiocy rather than comedy: it is the depravity and callousness of the comedy that is to blame. The answer phone message that kicks off 'Second Dui' sums the album up superbly: “Hi Mark, it’s Tai, this is the most inefficient bullshit I’ve ever had to endure in my life”: if only that had been added to the front cover. Admittedly the band are able to entertain with well-placed jokes but, occasionally, singer Mark Adkins gets carried away by his own beliefs and steps beyond what can be classified as acceptable. 'Ticket to Quebec' represents this disgusting attitude: “I’m proud to be an American. The one who dropped the bomb. If we invade your country, it won’t take us too long…” Later, Adkins adds: “A whole new generation, pathetic education, casting sympathetic views…” It is surprising that a major label would allow these unintelligent ramblings to get as far as the record store, unless of course they saw them as just that and thought no one would take offence. Guttermouth do represent that section of the punk community that isn’t scared to voice its opinion. Often feeling that punk has become too regimented, the band aim to change this through their lyrics and attitude to life. This unconventionality is often admirable, but 'Eat Your Face' indicates exactly why it should not be admired in this instant. One would do better looking for it elsewhere. 'Eat Your Face' is the Guttermouth of old, sadly. The experimentation of 'Covered With Ants' and 'Gusto' has been shed in order to resurrect some of what we thought had long since disappeared. In all honesty the good parts of 'Eat Your Face' are outweighed by the bad. Having attracted a wider audience it is a shame Guttermouth couldn’t capitalise on this. 'Eat Your Face' would have served as a better instruction to Adkins than it has been successful in its release as an album. Fortunately, if Guttermouth hold true to their word, the next one should change in style again, hopefully this time for the better. If observing this album from the context within which it is set: that is Guttermouth’s lack of effort and lackadaisical approach to music; 'Eat Your Face' exists as it is, never pretending to be anything special and can therefore not be faulted, that is, until someone parts with their money.

Track Listing:-
1 Party Of Two (Your Table Is Ready)
2 Surfs Up Asshole
3 Octopus Hairpiece
4 Wasted Lives
5 The Next Faux Mohican
6 Season
7 Second DUI
8 My Neighbor's Baby
9 Guadalahabra (The La Habra Spirit)
11 I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno
12 Ticket To Quebec
13 Hot Dog To The Head (A Hot Dog Is A Food Not A Penis So Get It Right Or Pay The Price)

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