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Guttermouth - Gusto

  by Alex Halls

published: 24 / 7 / 2002

Guttermouth - Gusto
Label: Epitaph Records
Format: CD


"Chirpy" and "droll" latest album from long serving American punks, Guttermouth

U.S. punksters, Guttermouth, from Huntingdon Beach, return with another album of chirpy, witty and droll jingles that are contagious upon hearing. Aptly named ‘Gusto’; seizing the zealous nature of the band, Guttermouth have encapsulated all that is punk rock: music with no boundaries. On stage they are full of confidence, even arrogant at times, but this does not come across in quite the same way on Gusto. True, one notices it through the lyrics but not in the music itself. Guttermouth have never really broken through into the elite of the punk circuit and whether they truly ever will is hard to say. The band's previous album, 'Covered With Ants', did a lot to improve its standing amongst the punk community and perhaps 'Gusto' will improve this further. The band faces real difficulty in promoting happier records within a sector of the music industry that has become saturated with similarly styled aggressive tunes or jazzed-up love songs. 'Looking out for #1' has real fire. It anthemic sound combines together Irish music and raw vocals before breaking into a jovial chorus. This joviality is mirrored in the title track, which has a more American country sound to it. Lyrics such as “there’s a giant hole in my heart/ but all I have to do is fill it up with alcohol/it closes all the holes and hides all my boredom and subdues my restlessness/ It enhances my personality but makes me order three orders of Buffalo wings/ when I would normally have just one” (from the end track, 'Lemon Water') are simplistic, but yet convey the band’s nonchalant attitude to life. 'Gusto' has what is missing in many other similar bands’ albums: a sense of well-being and carelessness. Newer acts have formed tighter albums but have forgotten what the audience wants to hear. Guttermouth are able to create this tighter feel, but yet give the audience that extra something to laugh and smile about or to mosh to.

Track Listing:-
1 Camp Fire Girl #62
2 Scholarship In Punk
3 Gusto
4 Vacation
5 Contagious
6 Pee In The Shower
7 Walk Of Shame
8 My Town
9 Contribution
10 Foot-Long
11 Looking Out For #1
12 Twins
13 My Girlfriend
14 Lemon Water

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