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Various - Rock Against Bush Vol 2

  by Alex Halls

published: 16 / 8 / 2004

Various - Rock Against Bush Vol 2
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Format: CD


Eclectic second Bush-bashing compilation on the Fat Wreck punk label, which betters the first album in the series, and which features unreleased and rare tracks from the likes of Green Day, No Doubt, the Foo Fighters and the Lawrence Arms

Finally sounding more like a properly collated punk album, the Rock Against Bush compilation series returns with its second instalment. More refined and two tracks longer than before, 'Rock Against Bush Vol.2' is better value and may well have even greater impact than its predecessor which made number 54 on the American Billboard chart. Once again the majority of the tracks are unreleased or rare, making the album essential listening to fans of any one of the bands included this time round. 3 live tracks, oddly positioned in the middle rather than at the end of the CD, compliment a good range of artists, styles and messages intended once again to increase awareness of the website Punkvoter.com, remove President Bush from power, without that anarchy this scene was originally founded on, and, by doing so, better the world’s perception of the American people (still best indicated by 'What Is Wrong With The Americans' off German punk band Terrorgruppe’s '1 World 0 Future'album). A noticeable inclusion is No Doubt’s 'Comforting Lie', one of the better tracks on the band’s third album 'Return of Saturn' and a good break from the punk within 'Rock Against Bush Vol.2 'and more notably the hardcore of Sick Of It All that it immediately follows. Multi-platinum selling Green Day also make an appearance with 'Favorite Son', a seemingly new track that lacks none of the band’s joie de vivre and sways little from the sound that we have come to recognise from them of late. Along with the brilliant Lawrence Arms’' Necrotism', which has all the usual verve of the Chicago trio, 'Doomsday Breach' off Only Crimes’ excellent debut 'To The Nines 'and the Mad Caddies’ live presentation of 'No Hope','the remaining songs on 'Rock against Bush Vol. 2' help form an album that will not only play its part in entertaining and enlightening today’s listeners but may continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Compilation albums can often suffer from too much variety but 'Rock Against Bush Vol.2' has gone against the norm, blending the Irish influenced music of Flogging Molly, the pop-punk emo of Yellowcard and the ska of the legendary Operation Ivy perfectly, culminating in a well devised record. Useless ID’s 'State Of Fear' also changes the tempo, with its short but well-situated guitar solo, fast-paced drumbeats and guitaring, re-kindling the punk-side of this album after a short departure. The DVD attached is well worth the inclusion. Containing 5 music videos (Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Bad Religion, Flogging Molly and Thought Riot), a number of political shorts intended to educate the viewer on the events of the last Presidential election and the media, as well as 3 comedy sketches by some of America’s leading comics including Will Ferrell, it adds worth to an album of great persuasion and thought. As with many compilation albums 'Rock Against Bush Vol.2' is in no way unflawed. The Foo Fighters’ inclusion has to rank as one of their worst songs and Rancid’s '7 Years Down' leaves a little to be desired. This time round, however, the good more than convincingly outweighs the bad, making 'Rock Against Bush Vol.2' a definite recommendation, enjoyable and, above all, a learning experience.

Track Listing:-
1 Green Day- Favorite Son
2 Bad Religion- Let Them Eat War
3 Operation Ivy- Unity
4 The Lawrence Arms -Necrotism: Decanting The Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7
5 Dropkick Murphys- We Got The Power
6 Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabies
7 Only Crime- Doomsday Breach
8 Foo Fighters- Gas Chamber
9 Lagwagon- Status Pools
10 Sugarcult- What You Say
11 Rancid- 7 Years Down
12 Sleater-Kinney- Off With Your Head
13 The Unseen- Scream Out
14 Yellowcard- Violins
15 Dillinger Four- Like Sprewells On A Wheelchair
16 Jawbreaker- Chesterfield King (Live)
17 Bouncing Souls- Born Free (Live)
18 Mad Caddies- No Hope (Live)
19 The Dwarves- Kids Today
20 Sick Of It All- Can't Wait To Quit
21 No Doubt- Comforting Lie
22 Useless ID- State Of Fear
23 Autopilot Off- I'm Thinking
24 The (International) Noise Conspiracy- My Star
25 Donots- Time's Up
26 Hot Water Music- Kill The Night
27 Thought Riot- You're Gonna Die
28 No Use For A Name- Fields Of Agony (Acoustic)

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