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Loved Ones - Loved Ones

  by Sarah Rowland

published: 15 / 3 / 2005

Loved Ones - Loved Ones
Label: Jade Tree
Format: CDS


Energetic, but ordinary pop-punk on debut EP from new Jade Tree signing, the Loved Ones

This debut from Philadelphia band the Loved Ones has everything you want from pop-punk tunes- fast hardcore drum beats, lively guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Dave Hause, Michael Cotterman and Mike Sneeringer have been on the punk scene for some time playing with various other bands including Kid Dynamite, the Curse, Trial By Fire and Paint It Black. Lead singer and guitarist, Hause, started off doing promotion work and stage management for local bands before the Loved Ones were formed. The first track, '100K', kicks off with a Green Day influenced guitar riff and sets an energetic pace for the EP. Sneeringer holds the track together with his strong drum beats and defines the punk influences of the band. The pop element of the Loved Ones is still prominent, however, with emo vocals dealing with youthful ideas of love and desperation. 'Drastic' and 'Candy Cane' show this softer more emo side to the music and both would not be out of place on a sound track to popular American drama 'The O.C'. The Loved Ones deliver what they promise: pop-punk that doesn’t really challenge the listener too much. It’s been done before but that doesn’t mean fans of the genre won’t enjoy a new take on it. Personally, I would rather listen to early Green Day if I’m in the mood for some up-lifting punk, but fans of 'The O.C' may disagree.

Track Listing:-
1 100K
2 Chicken
3 Massive
4 Drastic
5 Candy Cane

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